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  • FUUUUUCK! I can't come, I gotta stay here and let the man paddle my ass. Hear about the freeway takeover in Oakland? I got arrested during that and the court case is on the 5th of April. Balls.
    Aw, that's lovely. I was just stuck in Redding! I'll hit you up if I ever come through. Snuggle your tuggle once for me! Birthday was OK, I'm a legal alcoholic now.
    Fur sure! I've been mostly just hangin on the west coast but it's been a blast. I'm reving up for spring, should be a good one. I'm in Seattle now, gonna hang for a couple weeks in Portland then maybe go down south to bring in the spring proper like. What's up with you?
    sup bich we made it to colorado couldnt stand bein on the streets with a preganant ole lady just chillen and tryn not to piss of my hormonal old lady drop me a line suckafish
    p.s i heard a online rumor that you have started to do inter racial porn to pay rent just thought id ask never thought purple was your color xoxo
    san fran is our last stop for a minute. you know any scumfucks?
    haha damn! thats awesome that my picture gives that impression. but yep.. lsd is some cool shit
    Hey are y'all still in San Fran or the general area? I need to get the fuck outta here.
    Do you still have room in your van for Slab City? I'm in Salem-O, and could use a ride. I could pitch in for gas. Help spange, get grub, and whatnot.
    $40 is possible, but I could probably scrape up some cash and help spange on top of it. I'll talk to my girl (RenegadeGypsy on STP) about it and see what she says.
    Oh fuck, thank you! I'll call you when I get around a phone.

    Maybe up for a trip to the beach. I am kind of working now, and I am seeing my first kids dad Leo, we spend all of our weekends together, and I am not longer boozin or tokin. Sobriety , when you get older, is actually pretty rad. At elast the sex is a lot better, LOL

    The end of August, crazy. If you can make it here on a weekend, maybe we can pool gas money together, but really, I'm far better money wise after the first (welfare mom remember, LOL)
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