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  • Living in a tiny-home farming for three more weeks in wa then heading to MT for nationals for june and july
    leaving in 10 days to head south then out west first stop philly then va then ashvile nc....hit me up if you want to meet up
    See yr from VT? Where in VT? Lived in southern VT for 21 years-my folks still have a bit of land up there so sometimes if I'm up I go to VT.
    Hi Zeph, hope you are well. Saw your post regarding Mahico! ...Farms in Mexico, what-cha got for me?
    yo. My names casper. Ill be in mexico city in just under a month. In the states i hitchhike and ride trains often but havent done it in mexico. Im loookin for shows, squats, good places to stert/end. Also, which ruins are the best, hidden beaches, cheap hostels, train stations to lock packs up, and also places NOT to go. I would really appreciate your help.
    hey i'm curious about the times you almost got robbed. what happened? also am interested in the farms you worked at. was this for pay, or was it WWOOFing? thanks :)
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