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  • dime wats up dude its motion bro how the fuck r u doing getting back on the rails kid get a hold me
    where u be...heading east again....haha back to KC....fuck it
    hey crusty new to the sociol group , ever make it to hawaii big island give me a shout
    Good talking to you, enjoy the show let me know how it went.
    Thanks, was starting to wonder when someone would.
    you should meet me in minneapolis amebix, misery, and war torn are playing. its definately gonna be a show you dont want to miss
    yeah man im in chicago right now. i was just in indy chillin with spud. what are you up too?
    What's up brother? How're you doing? Where you at? I just got to a computer again, but I'm being pressured to get off soon. I'm in fucking Orange County. Me Nick Cofphee and another kid rode down to Colton. I'll be heading back up to the PNW in a few days. I'll send those pics as soon as I can get to a good computer and get some time. PEACE
    Hey man. Just wondering what size gauge you got in you septum?
    Kool, hope he shows at the gathering, if you see if tell him to PM me as soon as he is closer to Salem...Later Oh, you can give him my number too please...Thanks
    Well shit, keep us posted on you journey and watch out for agro hobos. Compass going with ya or he stickin' around Oregon for a bit? Keep dry and warm, summer's almost here
    The patch? You mean the one I gave you...no worries, you can keep it. Call me a couple days before you come through, I am uber uber busy from now till mid-may... I just got offered an opp to cook for a community event. Lots fo planning and ordering stuff and I get to even wrote outthe checks from thier account, WOW.. You headin' back east instead?
    It's legal to fly a sign, but k-falls has some loitering law about sitting on the ground. I have never been bothered. I wouldnt go downtown though I would go down 6th street on the other side of the yard where all the fastfood resturants and grocery stores are.
    yea, ima try n go to the gathering. im supposed to meet up w/ that stove guy and hitch up there. u gonna be there? should i bring those pants?
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