mental health

  1. WildVirtue

    The Unfinished Autobiography of Aileen Wuornos

    - Short Summary A letter correspondence over many years between Aileen and her best friend from childhood Dawn was collated into a book, in the order the letters were sent. Mixed into the letters were long essays about her life on the road which she asked Dawn to keep safe encase she ever...
  2. Coywolf

    Dealing with mental health and anger during 2020

    Hey all, I've been trying to develop my career over the past few years so that I am able to have a work/travel balance. There is this work schedule in my field called 'career-seasonal' that you can work between 6-10 months a year and you essentially get laid off for months at a time, and have a...
  3. croc

    Borderline personality disorder

    Any other hoes out here with bpd who wanna share info/resources/etc so we can try to be Less Crazy™ together? Anyone have bpd but learned how to manage it without medication? Anyone "not have bpd anymore" ? Idk some people say u can be "cured" or "grow out of it" with time and therapy since...
  4. croc

    Hoppin from Memphis: One of the most beautiful days of my life

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    I arrived at Norfolk Southern's Harris yard just before 9 pm to watch my train to Atlanta finish being built and hopefully find a sweet, cozy ride! I estimated that it would take about 20-24 hours til we arrived in the land of prissy housies, cracked out home bums, and Coca-Cola (these are...