1. Archon Haz


    Hey people! It's Vision and Carley from the Jambo - and we need to get to Hawaii cheep. Anyone have any idea how to go about it? THe flights seem to be super expensive. We are basically up for anything.. If you know any helpful info hit me up. - Vizion,
  2. NattyKiwi

    Hawaii Nomad Livin

    Aloha Nomads! Im back again with another video for whoever wants to see it. This video is a montage of some of my time here so far. Da palm trees, clear ocean, cliff jumping, clear skies. and chillin at some locals spots. Its lookin like ill be staying here for another full season before...
  3. NattyKiwi

    Real Camping In Hawai'i

    ALOHA Nomads, Iv been in Hawaii Since Nov 2015 and am loving it. Iv been staying at a farm doing 20hrs of work a week for food and a room. I still like to go back to the basics tho and camp out! Nothing like it in the world. Here is a video of a camping trip in March.
  4. K

    Cave! Ok, not really a cave, it's a lava tube!

    My friend has property on the Big Island on which there is an entrance to a lava tube. For those who don't know, a lava tube is what is left over when a subterranian lava flow ceases and leaves behind what is essentially a cave. It was way past dark last night and too early to turn in when...
  5. K

    Land Ho! Dream coming to fruition

    across the street: Strawberry guava, tasty fruit, bentwood furniture, woven fences and???? Up the street (if you guessed very little traffic +8 Internet points) down the street, roads are decent, not far to paved stuff, mountain bike ready). Well, my wife and I are in the process of...
  6. NattyKiwi

    Left home in April

    So, I thought id say hey to everybody and share some info on my journey so far. Iv wanted to leave for a very long time, and always talked about living a more free life of travels, meeting people, sharing, and just experiencing life in general. Good and Bad. Everyone who knew me would pretty...
  7. Odin

    Remember the guy who smashed homeless carts in Hawaii?

    News & Blogs 
    Hawaii Lawmaker Who Smashed Homeless People's Shopping Carts Beaten Up The Huffington Post Posted: 06/30/2015 6:33 pm EDT http://newsline.world/pointofviewworld/hawaii-lawmaker-who-smashed-homeless-people-s-shopping-carts-beaten-up-by-group-of-homeless-report/7/ HONOLULU -- A Hawaii state...
  8. Tude

    Anyone in Hawaii? 8.3 Earthquake off Chilean coast - only 15-20 miles deep - tsunami warning.

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    I know it's not your normal news article but the internet is a blaze with this. And I don't know if any of our people here or there friends are aware. Earthquake was only 15-20 miles down off the coast of chili - initial quake was estimated at 7.9, later upgraded to 8.3 --- which means a...