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  • Jonah!! Are you going to the Bookfair on Sunday? I'm on Long Island fer a minute and I just found out it's going on.
    TOFU TIME! that pic is so cute!!
    what have you heard of riding east from san antonio to nola?
    i wanna take a trip before going to new york
    naw I was there for the new year, never been for mardi gras.
    I am gonna be in St. Augustine March 12-14
    well im actually currently only an hour north of the city, but i dont know if ill make it down there before i leave ny...
    Hey Jonah its Andy who you stayed with when I was living with Straps and Mad Dog in NYC. How ya doing? I just got off the road myself for like a month and then I'm shootinf over to Bolinas, CA (about an hour or two north of SF in an an area called Point Reyes Station) to do a Sustainable Agriculture internship!
    Hey how are you doin? We should hang out if you ever get to Richmond. Talk vegan sobriety or political prisoner support : P
    Aw thanks, I checked those photos out and I really liked them! She does a good job.
    I have been fine. A bit emotionally unstable but I'll be okay.

    How are you?
    hey jona sent you a msg, on facebook
    dude, im chillin super hard in buffalo i keep thinking about you and commin to visit you in new york city but i actually ran into margie out here a little bit ago and she said you werent out here so i dident try to get a hold of you. yeah dude, i totally still have that video of you guys doing that thing!

    what ahve you been up to dude?
    hey there Mister, you said "hello" to me a while back in september, and i am just now getting around to checking this's cold here in tacoma, WA, and how are you?
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