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  • No, you don't me. I just wanted to say yo. sorry, I don't have an Image...defaults are kinna lame i guess
    squatted in the building above dicks in the U in seattle. its something else now. there was no pool table or raver kids though.4+ yrs ago
    do i know you? years ago we squatted this 2 story house with a pool table, behind a burrito place near the u-district in seattle with a bunch of other raver kids- is this you....or am i thinkin of some one else?
    ooo youve outposted me, lol, you probably get on here more than me tho too.
    Heyyy Jason Its britzz where are you?? <3 dude i miss you so much,, we need to meet up , where you at.. do you have a phone numba.. peace love man
    JASONNNN!!! heard your camera got smashed at death fest last year. im really sorry man we had some great times in the rv rockin out. wheres ya at?
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