1. T

    Dealing With A MadmanVideo 

    Cool video from an old traveler.
  2. Scat

    Erin Incoherent

    Anyone else a fan? Her music has been a staple for me the past few years. If you haven't heard of her but you're into themes about self-growth, mental illness, and/or overcoming addictions, her music might be for you. Would love to discuss some of her songs with others.
  3. Oreoman2002

    Some guitar to blues up your day.Video 

    My amateur interpretation of Angi by Davy Graham. Until I have to rush to an end for some furalicious reason... (Video won't post, I assume it's the format, I'll re record and post update it tomorrow, I'm too tired)
  4. Honey Crust

    S.O.A.P. Fest in the woods of Oregon!

    Two day free folk punk festival in the woods outside of Klamath Falls, OR! Hiking, camping, music, good people, good shit!
  5. wndrlstkng

    Hey there! I'm Satan.

    Hello everyone! I am new here on this forum. I am writing this at 2am so I plan on keeping it short. My name is Jake but on the road I go by Satan which was given to me by a beautiful woman I met a few years ago in Portland, ME who stole a Satan patch, gifted it to me and told me she would refer...
  6. Benji91

    I'm no singer, but I'm tryin' (Church of Rape)Video 

    Something something folk punk. After hearing about a (confirmed) rape in our scene here a little while ago at a party house known as the Church I wrote this - Church of Rape. The incident was forgiven by the person running the house and the rapist got away with it...but seems to know not to...