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  • Hey man whatsup! It was cool seeing you at limp wrist. I never got your number man. my number is 8052026271 hit me up
    GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER! .....that is all
    haha and that is you falling naked at a show; that photo is an internet classic
    people probably still post it on genmay.net forums as a random response to anything
    he looks exactly like my friend's kid
    with the cactus in the photo, I thought it was definitely him; they're from Albuquerque
    a that show i was telling you about i have the last band booked. i'm gunna send you the flier when its been drawn up so throw that shit around but you and your lady should come, i think you'd like it. so far I have jessie williams and the boozehounds, ari and her banjo, and The manx, come kick it I miss you and that one drink we'd get from that market at that one place that was fucking cheap and tasty

    i want them to come in cartoon form but i don't think its gunna happen
    3 Way Split 7" with Razzle Blaster,Manx,DJembryonicpetitsac by Tommy & Sweatband records — Kickstarter
    Ahh man that sucks! Really that's cool. Nah I haven't hopped yet. I've only hitched once up north a few weeks ago I went to see blackbird raum in santa cruz it was rad met a lot nice folks an found about this site haha. I plan to actually travel this summer too dude my friend has a job lined up for me in a farm up by ukiah so ima thumb it up there with my gf an from there just drift around. I really wanna head out to the folklife fest in seattle too
    Haha nah Its cause i gained some weight finally I didn't like being skinny haha. Pretty cool seeing u here man I didn't know u were into traveling. So what's good with you man? Did u ever finish that video u were making on graffiti an the music scene? I belive that was you that told me
    Yo what's up man! Idk if u remember me I've talked to u on myspace before. I play drums for el mariachi?
    hey xbocax i just had a septum question, i got it to a 2g and i am curious man cause you mentioned you are a 7/16'' and i was just curious how long could leave your jewelry out before that thing completely closed, i am aiming for those bigger sizes and i am trying to acheive a point where my septum will permanently stay at a 2g or 0g permanently with or w/o jewelry for days on end but was just curious if your hole shrinks quickly or if you have any info on this kind of stuff thanks man>
    ffuukkk man, its super tempting, and i REALLY do want to go, pretty badly, but I am fucking broke!
    I am pretty free and I am trying to keep my calendar open (this was one reason), so I will try my damndest to scrape up some cash so I can tag along.
    I will keep you in touch for sure!
    Can you send me the info on the show on friday? Me and a friend are thinking about going!
    P.s. You should pm me your ##.
    Cool, I guess we can just see how it goes. Should be fun either way!
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