folk punk

  1. T

    Dealing With A MadmanVideo 

    Cool video from an old traveler.
  2. Honey Crust

    Hitchin' Denver To California: What Could Go Wrong? (Pt. 3)

    The most surprising thing about Salt Lake City was how kind it was to me. A weekend full of lovely coincidences, happy surprises, and a boost of morale that I super needed. Steve dropped me off at a Walmart off of I-15, and I immediately started making my way to the closest gay bar for a cold...
  3. Luna Walsh

    Banjo/Poetry/Screamo (my weird acoustic project)

    Just wanted to share my project called Moon Pillow. I'm not playing shows currently but I'm predominantly based in Los Angeles. Tell me what ya'll think. Moon Pillow -
  4. These fuckin dorks ~

    These fuckin dorks ~

    Hangin out with Mark and Wren from Robber’s Roost somewhere in northern Colorado. Taken on the drive between their Laramie, WY and Boulder, CO tour dates, both of which I opened for. Got to ride in their bus for the three days I spent with them, and it was honestly one of the best weekends I’ve had.
  5. Honey Crust

    S.O.A.P. Fest in the woods of Oregon!

    Two day free folk punk festival in the woods outside of Klamath Falls, OR! Hiking, camping, music, good people, good shit!
  6. Jessie The Skuzz

    Leaving Philly 1st Time Traveler

    Hey guys, I'm from Philly, looking to get out this summer, make friends, do cool stuff, ya know, before I get too old. I'm 32, I've done the homebum gig a few times but never traveled. Looking for a road dog, a friend, no sex, you try it and I'll cut your tiny dick off, haha. Male or female...
  7. Some Dogs

    Anarchist Folk Punks in Georgia End of May?

    My travelling band of misfits is going to be headed down to Georgia end of May (we'll be there the 25th and 26th of May before heading to Florida) I was curious if there were any local folks anywhere in the state who would want to throw a lil folk punk show and hang out and play some music!! We...
  8. Benji91

    Up and Down the Coast (Good Time With Good Mates)Photos Featured 

    I love sharing photos, and there is never much going on in the Oceania section of StP so I thought I'd share some more! Ended up going up and down the East Coast of Australia (between Brisbane and Sydney) a couple of weeks back. The main aim was catching up with mates and sorting our some visa...
  9. Matthias

    Anarcho Folk Festival 2018 (Netherlands)Event 

    uhu that's right 3 months is enough time to find a way to get there somehow hmu if ur going or want to go City: Amsterdam Date: june 8-10 Lineup here: FB event:
  10. Benji91

    Pig City Folk Punk at Sabo - Feb 11 (BNE, AU)Event 

    To anyone else out there in Brisbane, Australia... My rad little crew Pig City Folk Punk are getting out of the parks and into the pub - a few of us are taking over Sabotage in Fortitude Valley on Sunday Feb 11 from 3:30pm. Entry is free, beers aren't crazy pricey and the music'll be good...
  11. wndrlstkng

    Hey there! I'm Satan.

    Hello everyone! I am new here on this forum. I am writing this at 2am so I plan on keeping it short. My name is Jake but on the road I go by Satan which was given to me by a beautiful woman I met a few years ago in Portland, ME who stole a Satan patch, gifted it to me and told me she would refer...
  12. Benji91

    I'm no singer, but I'm tryin' (Church of Rape)Video 

    Something something folk punk. After hearing about a (confirmed) rape in our scene here a little while ago at a party house known as the Church I wrote this - Church of Rape. The incident was forgiven by the person running the house and the rapist got away with it...but seems to know not to...
  13. Benji91

    Pig City Folk Punk - July 1st 2017Video 

    Me and a mate decided to try and start a little folk punk collective in Brisbane, Australia. It's mainly drinking, sharing songs and jamming (on originals and covers)....essentially we get park drunk in this shitty town with acoustic guitars and noise happens. The vid is on my shitty go-pro...
  14. Benji91

    Pig City Folk Punk

    Yo, Meet up for Pig City Folk Punk (Brisbane, Australia) happening on July 1 at People's Park in West End. We'll be jammin' from around 2pm! Bring acoustic guitars, banjos, harmonicas, drums, booze (FYR - the law is always murky with drinking in parks/where you can drink in public - so know...
  15. skuzzlebutt

    everything sux

    hey guys! lame story time... ive been physically and mentally abused all of my life. my pops, all my mates, it's fucked, im fucked. im done with this life, and i need something more fulfilling. i did the homeless thing on and off for about 2 yrs when i was a teenager. always stayed in philly...
  16. anonhobo

    hobopunk... thought id share a tune with yall...Video 

  17. D

    plan it x fest 2016

    me and my dog and pal are drivin up in his truck from pittsburgh. any one else going? pretty stoked as i have never been, though i'm sure it's changed from the earlier days. we also probably have room for another or so if yr on the way!
  18. shabti

    Leftover Crack/Days n Daze in El PasoEvent 

    Just what the title says. I'm pretty stoked. Tickets aren't that expensive, so if you're nearby, hit it up.