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  1. JohnMorningstar

    Looking for homies in Eugene

    Just trying to see who alls out and about in Eugene. Possible squat needed soon too.
  2. BakuninDreaming

    UP southbound from Eugene

    So I hitched a ride out of Portland and got to Eugene to make it a little easier going south and did not think about the fires too much. I've been sitting in this yard and have not seen a single train all day. Does anybody know if service down to California is suspended?
  3. BakuninDreaming

    In Eugene SBD looking for musicians or to chill.

    I'm a long time traveler. I'm looking for people who are musicians who want to team up and busk our way to New Orleans. I'd like to get down there in the next few months before it starts getting cold. I just spent last year in the streets of Portland and Seattle battling the pigs and have...
  4. ali

    Reported content: Post in thread 'In Eugene, where to catch out south'

    Post in thread 'In Eugene, where to catch out south' by WanderLost has been reported by ali. Reason given: Content being reported:
  5. dubh

    In Eugene, where to catch out south

    I am in Eugene looking to catch out south. where are the closest yards. I will be here a week. Also busking around town if anyone wants to play music and drink let me knowl.
  6. Rayontrees

    newbie hailing from Eugene

    Hiya, I'm Emmet, a 20 year old newbie who plans to travel in, oh, 6 months (?) My only travel experience is a middle school orchestra trip to Cali so you might say I'm seasoned as fuck lol. I plan to explore the west coast for a while and then high tail it east to meet up with a couple of close...
  7. EugeneTvoretski

    Im Eugene and im here to introduce myself

    Betwen matchbooks of hopelessness, looking at passing freight train, for one moment i imagine how i flying across the sky straight to Damogran. Hobo culture beckons me for a long time, sometimes i just want to escape from the urban bustle, to feel nothing but sweaty t-shirt.. So repulsive, but...
  8. D

    Josh from Eugene to Sacramento

    I doubt you're on here, but i'm hoping you're still around. We met in Eugene; I got robbed and beat up in a blackout, you got my bag back, then we hitched down the 5 to Sacramento with a Ukrainian man with a van full of cabbage. I purposely ditched you because I was loosing my mind. I'm sorry...
  9. Trooper


    Punk kid just moved from Maui to Eugene Oregon and looking to meet up with local anarchists and punks. I dont currently have a place to stay so if anyone knows of some squats or people looking for roommates lmk.
  10. Stuck

    Hopping north out of Eugene

    Suggestions on catching out of Eugene to portland and on to Seattle.
  11. blu beard

    van camping in eugene

    we’ve been floating around Eugene and Oregon in general for the last few weeks but finally decided to stick around Eugene for a few weeks or months while I get a job (veggie cook by trade). we’ve found spots to sleep every night, some better than others, but none that felt safe, as in safe from...
  12. juno

    Pedaling to Black Bear ranch from Eugene

    Hi STP My sweetie and I are taking off soon to pedal from Eugene to Black Bear via the coast. We're getting our route down but I'm mostly concerned about the last leg of the journey (trail vs. < 7' rocky road with 200' cliff). We have pretty good bikes and I think we could handle the trail but I...
  13. NapalmBreath

    Eugene Friday Food Not Bombs

    Every Friday from 3-5ish Food Not Bombs has a free vegan meal served at either Kesey Square (if it's sunny) or under cover at the park blocks if it's raining. Anyone interested in helping cook can email [email protected] for the address. we start around noon and usually head downtown...
  14. jutschillin

    New to Oregon Coast & Eugene

    Hi everyone.. just moved to the Oregon coast (reedsport) a couple week ago but will hopefully be renting a house in Eugene for a few months (or longer?). Have been traveling from Mississippi and spending time in Colorado and Nevada before getting up here. Loving Oregon. Great...
  15. gofreescout

    Portland => Seattle, Portland => Eugene

    Hey STP, I've been off the board for a few years, since I was catching rides out of Baltimore. I'm back in Portland now for at least the next few months and am planning some rides. Want to do either a Seattle or Eugene solo trip this month just to get back into practice. Looking for tips on...
  16. B

    How to I.d. Pdx trains out of Eugene

    Anyone know how to id northbounds out of Eugene that are going all the way to Portland? I've had them terminate in Albany way too many times.
  17. J

    Anyone ever hitch 99W Eugene to Corvallis?

    I tried the 99E last summer Eugene to Salem and had no luck, ended up walking most of the way then over to the 5. Just wondering if anyones had any luck on 99W. Bout to hit that ass in a couple days.
  18. Shwillam

    Spange/Fly spots in or around Eugene OR

    Hey there folks! So usually making money is absolutely no problem for me but Eugene is one of the harder spots I've been. We've been driving around for like an hour now looking for somewhere to fly that's going to be decent and worth or time but we're almost completely out of gas and the Walmart...
  19. raimia

    Saying hello and I find myself in Eugene Oregon

    Van is broken down so I figured I'd ask around for any suggestions to fill my time in Eugene till Monday?
  20. ConnorGre

    Eugene Hopout

    Anybody know the spot?