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  • Hi.

    I'm wondering if you are still moderating the STP Wat station group??

    I am offering to take on moderation of your not
    doing it anymore ???

    I'm listed as the waystation in Ukiah.

    Let me know

    [email protected]
    Hey if you are looking at this I don't use this website any more. If you want to get in touch with me I am on under the name "emil". You can also send me an e-mail at [email protected]
    that migration map was very good. Never planned on poaching but i wondered if the Wildlife management give low enough minimums, they don't. It also let me know the population in my zone is decreasing so just gonna let them swim (even though its legal to fish). Need to fish somewhere less populated.
    Haha, you tell the truth. I actually just made a trip to my hometown and to the dentist so my teeth are looking fresh as ever now.


    I'm getting a way station going in Ukiah California.

    Can I please join the invite only Waystaions group please?
    Would like to network/share with others who are doing waystations.

    Thanks Linda
    [email protected]
    euegene was super easy, and the ride up to pdx was quick. we should be catching out of pdx in about a week, onward to pocatello and beyond!
    hey man thanks, that is in ohio. an old indian meeting spot where they would hold gatherings because of the acoustics of the cave. its in a place called hocking hills, ash cave. very nice spot.
    Awesome, haven't ran into her yet, but Madison has a pretty tight-knit community. So I'll probably run into her sooner or later. Well, good luck with everything and safe travels! If you're ever out this way, let me know!
    Ya its pretty sick, pretty much kept me alive about a month ago on a suicide cold night. It was actually a lot warmer than it looked only my feet froze due to my shit ass docs. Spent the night trackside, woke up to that ride pulling in and it was only 3 hours to my destination.
    Yep, sticking around the midwest. Living in Madison still, it's pretty great. Where are you these days?
    I think it was October...? but damn warm anyway.
    Hey! I'm definitely going to start making my way back to the Northwest soon, but who knows how long it'll take me. What town will you be living in? I'll definitely look you up.
    macks macks. i guess the pictures turned out small because they were from myspace. whomp whomp.
    I've fucked around the yards there a bit. Walked around the office, near the units, climbed around the junked gondolas that are always parked, looking crusty as all hell and noone's given me any shit. Did you catch out east or west?
    Nice! My folks live not too far from those tracks--so I spent a lot of time there. Is it easy to catch out there?
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