1. Skunkx1

    Most chaos night of my life

    This has to be the worst night ever for me. I was 16, had just started to party real hard. I went to Oslo for the weekend, was gonna stay at one my friends co-ops. So, I got there, early in the day, having taken a train into Oslo. I toss my bag into his room, and we end up sitting in their...
  2. M


    Recently came across an article about marijuana, in some cases large amounts, being grown in farmers cornfields. Gutsy. Got me to thinking about possibilities....where else could marijuana be grown? Could it be grown in a house with no one (parents) knowing?
  3. D

    I've been a terrible partner

    Looking back at all my romantic relationships, I've been pretty reckless and caused a lot of harm. Nobody died, became pregnant, nor did I cheat. But I did break people's trust. In my eyes, that's just as heinous because you're never the same after that. You'll always be wary and that detracts...
  4. croc

    Avoiding substance abuse

    I've honestly been a little worried about this in my plans to travel next March. I smoke bud regularly. I'm okay going without, it's more of an end of the day to relax kinda thing. And I'll drink wine or a couple beers here and there (every other week or so). I don't get drunk or fucked up...
  5. DrAwqward

    Too Much of Everything is just Enough

    Thought ya'll would get a kick out of this piece of art I did awhile back. When I am not on the move, to borrow an awesome statement from the late Dr.Hunter S. Thompson, I saturate myself in "copious amounts of heinous chemicals". I still enjoy to dabble, but I definitely no longer worship it...
  6. photobusking

    Filming the Scum

    I'm avoiding my homework to tell you guys about an idea I've had bouncing around my head for a while. trigger warning: 2edgy ahoy. So I took in a homeless kid. He's 22. His dad died three months ago. He's in my town fresh out of rehab. I met him in Taco Bell slumped over a table waiting for...