1. Chokechain

    Portland OR to Canada (Coleman Alberta)

    Howdy. Early in recovery very sober need a lil big adventure. Looking for someone to show me the ropes hoppin or any chilers who might be passing through Portland as well. Leaving Oceanside tonight and Landing in OR tomorrow night; Down to leave whenever the synchronicities present themselves...
  2. Benji91

    Nelson/West Kootenays, BC

    Anyone around? I'm stuck living and working about 45mins North of Nelson until mid-October. The isolation/loneliness, work and life balance here are really starting to get to me. So, yeah, is anyone near the area? Looking people to hang with, travel with, make music with or, shit, just sit...
  3. Benji91

    Crossing Boarder (Canada to US)

    Had a quick look and couldn't find any recent threads, sorry if this has already been discussed. Have any non-US Citizens crossed the boarding recently (bonus points if you crossed from Eastern BC into WA)? I've been hearing some pretty crazy stories about people being denied entry, and even...
  4. Benji91

    Photos More Kootenay Adventures

    Seems you can't turn a corner here without coming across more beauty. Spent a bit of time up in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park the other day, great spot for hiking and exploring. I'm planning on heading back up there soon and spending a couple of nights (and, y'know, actually being prepared...
  5. SparksyJamJam

    Want Off Grid Pals

    Hi all! We're a pair of travellers heading West from Ontario relatively soon, and our plan is to get to BC and settle there off grid. Just looking for like minded and kind(to us) people who would like to tag along? We have limited car space for one other person to sleep in for sure, and could...
  6. Benji91

    Seeking Couch West Kootenays, BC

    Hey all, Chasing a couch/room for a few days/a few weeks anywhere between Nelson and Kaslo in British Columbia. I know there isn't a huge chance of anyone being in this area, but trying everything. Happy to through a few bucks your way if you can help out. Just need to get the fuck out of...
  7. Benji91

    Photos West Kootenay Wandering

    So, I moved a little ways north of Nelson, BC a couple of months ago. This area is too damn beautiful! So many people are willing to pick up hitchhikers too (something I'm not used to, being from Queensland, Australia). Here's a few photos from the past couple of weeks. Wandering my foot, my...
  8. Cptnchuck

    looking for crew (new york - canada via n-e states)

    Looking for a third crew member to tag along and take watches, can stay till canada if all is good (passport plz) no expirience necessary, must be good natured and can spend at least three days at a time w-o drinkin. where two canadians with dogs on a 30 ft sailboat in manageable condition...
  9. Cornelius Vango

    Spange Canada?

    Hey, I'm about to cross Canada in the next week, I was wondering if any of you crazy fucks (non-Canadians specifically) have ever busked, or flown a sign or gas-jugged (or hitch-hiked, even though I'm not planning on that, but just out of curiosity) in Canada and if you got harassed or in...
  10. Dontaskme

    Seeking Couch Heading West through Canada

    Hello all, I'm heading west in my rusty old Jeep with my rescue dog Memphis (aka The Memphinator) beginning tomorrow April 2nd. Just seeing if anybody has a driveway, garage, backyard or even a room we could safely spend a night anywhere between northern Ontario and the west coast. Because...
  11. Benji91

    Fruit Picking (Canada)

    Hey lovely people, I'm moving to Canada in a couple of months and am looking to pick up some seasonal summer fund food and future adventures. Fruit picking jobs seem to be the most common, just wondering if anyone has any experience with this in Canada? Good stories, bad stories...
  12. Y

    Solo Cross Country Canada from NL to BC -need a buddy

    Bdjaiwv iaowld ahiwoky agwotpmavoa ::playful::
  13. Griffagriff

    Squatting in Victoria, BC, Canada, Vancouver Island

    Hello there. So I've just moved to Victoria on Vancouver island and am living in my car. I've found a big old house in a beautiful neighbourhood that's been abandoned and boarded up and graffitied. I've squatted in various places around the world but never in Canada. What are the rules and...
  14. Benji91

    Short term jobs in Canada

    Hi lovely people, I'm looking at heading to Canada from home-base here in Australia for a couple of years on a Working Holiday Visa (doing this so I can get a proper job if times get too tough) around this time next year. The plan is to van live, travel as much as I can, eat cheap and only...
  15. Droidy Pendejo

    Squatting in Vancouver BC

    Hey there. What's the squat scene like in Van? Is it well organized by neighbourhoods or more of wild squattling style? I know there is no shortage of empty houses in Vancouver. Anyways, anybody out there have experience and might be willing to shed some light? With a vast portion of houses...
  16. carol

    canada to alaska

    has anyone hitchhiked from canada to alaska before? i really want to go to alaska this summer, and i can't find any cheap bus ride or trains that go to alaska. any tips help guys!
  17. L

    Hail from BC Canada

    Hey friends, Pleasure to meet you all. My name is Loki, I'm from a small Kootenay town in British Columbia Canada. I'm 24 years old and have done a fair bit of traveling in my life. I'm an avid WWOOFer and I currently work seasonally (the late winter to summer months) as a camp...
  18. O

    Squatting In Canada?

    Ok so just signed up because I see alot of people squatting in abandoned buildings but wanted to know how to go about squatting on land. I'm an American thinking about moving up to Canada (please don't laugh), around Vancouver (since its supposed to be warmer). I've never done the squatting...
  19. E

    Travel Visa

    I traveled to Salem, MA this past weekend and had a blast. On my way back home, I decided to cut through Canada. I've been to Canada a few times in the past, and always had my passport stamped, whether I came in via a border crossing or an airport. This time, when I crossed into Canada, the...
  20. Skidkidfox

    Hi from Alberta Canada!

    Hey folks. People call me fox, im hanging out in Calgary for a week or so then heading down to vancouver island then probably down to the states. Happened upon this website and its pretty dang cool. Im hoping to meet some friends and shit like that, maybe some people that wanna hop down to the...