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Are you driving? Hitchhiking? Hopping freight? Riding a unicycle? Are you solo? Is it you 4 dogs and a 3 legged iguana? Please, in the future provide a little more information.

It would help anyone who would be potentially interested in joining you if they knew a thing or two about you, luckily theres a whole profile of yer very own you can fill out to tell the community about yerself.


I'm a d-bag and got banned.
Feb 29, 2020
By myself. Planning to hop a train sorry for the lack of information. Looking to leave around August. Got to plan alot still, route wise and get a radio so i can listen to trains. Anybody know a good radio to listen to frequencys ? From the yard.
definently been breeding those three legged iguanas.

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I closed my account
Use the search bar. Theres a few threads discussing scanners already.

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