Worst State to Hitch Through? (1 Viewer)

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Bad luck with cops for me in Idaho. Had 3 cops, including a sergeant, tell me its 100 percent illegal to hitchhike in the state of Idaho. However, you can walk on the interstate so that's cool!

Central Massachusetts had the most unfriendly people and long waits in my experience. Western Mass might as well be a whole nother state though. One guy told me "Yeah, Western Mass is basically Vermont."


Nov 28, 2018
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You might have more luck near the panhandle but SF is a dead end. people are cold and the streets are scalding hot. cops arent too keen on scruffy looking travelers either as they wouldn't want you scaring off the tourists :/
Sep 15, 2020
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Salem, Oregon
Arizona. I lived there for a while as a younger teen and I have friends who've had to hitchhike through there. It's ridiculously hot, even sometimes in winter, and people hardly ever pick you up. I've seen a lot of people get stuck for days or weeks at a time.

Though, this was in the Phoenix area, so maybe different cities are better. I wouldn't personally risk it.


Jun 13, 2021
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I've had the worst time on the busier roads or trying to get out of big cities. Copenhagen was the worst. The more obscure the road the better cause people feel more personal responsibility to help rather than thinking someone else will help you out

Tony G

Aug 14, 2019
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The Big Rock Candy Mountains
Definitely true! I’ve hiked from Georgia to Maine & from Mexico to Canada twice via the Pacific Crest & Rockies...no State was as difficult as Florida when it came to hitchhiking.

99% of folks don’t even know about the Florida Trail & they think anyone hitch hiking is a tweaker or a criminal. You add in all the transplants and tourists, they will never help you. The only people who would give me hitches, were younger workers who sympathized with my plight & happened to be on the way home from work.
Florida sucks but Tennessee was the worst miles of road with nothing on it and nobody wanted to stop luckily for me i know how to hop trains

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