Worst State to Hitch Through? (1 Viewer)

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Sep 3, 2011
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South Central Wiscompton
So my experiences in long distance hitching with strangers isnt that long yet (but my how thats rapidly changing). Either or ive been told kansas is one of the hardest places to get through and its almost worth going north to nebraska. Any input advice stories or side effects are welcome. I think this should be a good thread to add to the bunch.
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Don't let Cali Hwy Patrol catch you walking the interstate. I always had hard times going thru Chicago so much that I found a way to avoid it all together. I just got harassed by Nebraska highway patrol for being broke down on the side on the interstate so I can easily see them harassing hitchhikers too.


Feb 14, 2011
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Winona, Minnesota
Iowa ain't too bad as long as you stick to the highways. the interstates in iowa suck but if hitch from a good Exit you can get a ride the whole way across. Iowa is shitty but i don't believe it's the shittiest.
Texas sucks ass to hitch through, but i've only done that once and i was with 2 other guys... it was slow going.
my least favorite state to hitch through would be Alabama

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