The most random place you have fucked while traveling (1 Viewer)

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Oct 18, 2013
Current Location
PDX for a bit
On a bench on the sidewalk in front of a police station somewhere in MA... adrenaline mixed with good sex is something else man

Kim Chee

I deleted myself
I'm not traveling right now.

But if I were, I'd like to think we'd be accomplishing the above and making daily contributions to this thread.
Sep 2, 2014
Oh... I gotta chime in here !
Ladies bathroom of the Visitor's Center at the entrance to Wadi Rum, Jordan.
under one of those little pavillion things that flank the trail following the waterfall up the hill in Chefchaouen, Morocco in the beautiful drizzly mist :)


Jan 8, 2015
In Istanbul Turkey in the courtyard of one of the big Mosques with a local girl at about 6 in the morning there was scaffolding up in one corner, we snook in behind them. Stuffed the johnny in my pocket then threw it in a bin outside the Mosque because a respect and all that.


Aug 6, 2014
Current Location
Cheyenne WY
Lets see like I posted elsewhere my son was concieved in a box rolling from Portland to Pasco.In a bad order box on the hiline,talk about shake rattle and roll.The Max in Portland going out to a squat in Gresham.Also the usual front seat of car and on the hood with traffic going by.Finally most of the parking garages in Portland.::fuckinginbed::


Guardian of the Knowledge of the Wastes
Dec 12, 2013
Current Location
Slab City, CA
Haha, I got a few...
1: in the back seat of a car, while parked in a random-ass graveyard somewhere between Houston & San Antonio, TX.

2: the San Antonio Riverwalk. Like, ON THE ACTUAL RIVERWALK. It was pretty awesome.
Both of these were on the same trip, with this really cool chick I met in Houston. She kinda "adopted" me; let me stay at her place, and for whatever reason unexplained to me, thinks I'm sexy as fuck. Her and I are still REALLY good friends, and I'm definitely gonna stop in and visit her next time I pass through Houston. :D::fuckinginbed::
Feb 1, 2015
Current Location
Tampa, United States
Climbed to the top of a middle school during the day. Someone left the ladder out x)
Most pathetic thing is we weren't really traveling, there was a warm bed about 2 miles away but it just couldn't wait ::fuckinginbed::
Mar 2, 2015
Current Location
Drunk, f'd a tranny in front of city hall. Sheriff pulled up in a SUV and the headlights were super bright. He was getting out when we ran away. True story

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