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Jan 7, 2017
Fuck Off Land
Alright folks.. it's taken me awhile. But, this kid- who is also a user on this forum needs to be known about. I travelled with this feller for 9 months straight. We went our separate ways almost a year ago..

I post this as a warning to all of those in this community, for he is predatory, and not to be trusted. ESPECIALLY if you are a new female bodied traveller on the road. During the beginning of my travels, I found this person to be extremely unstable, sexist, and mentally/physically abusive not only to me, but to animals as well.

I initially met this kid, while housing him, and a few other kids and their dogs up. The next day- I left with them, and my whole life changed.. and I fell in love; eventually. I stayed for the long run, mostly because of his dog, which is now in my posession- and doing better than ever. Other users on this forum Will be able to vouch for the manipulative factors they encountered due to my ignorance, and intense feelings...

He's in favor of hazing people due to being "green", and also tried to tell me about MY sexuality. Claiming im a girl, and that people will ONLY like me because of my genitalia, and without him, and his experience I WOULD be raped. Scare tactics are his favorite. (Surprising, since he has so many feminist posts on this website.) I have seen this person try to persuade 17 year old girls into motel rooms over, and over again- after them explaining that they did not want too.

This person is now 23 years old at least, has "Dope Sick" on their knuckles, as well as HFPF (which we are working on changing) , and squidbillies fore-arm tattoos.

This person locked me in a motel room in North Dakota, after consistently trying to convince me to tell my parents lies in order for them to fund him sleeping comfortably. While we were here, he proceeded to tell me to "try" and leave after punching me in the mouth for the second night in a row. This time, due to him not liking how I was wearing my "skank" around my neck.. as I began to pack my things, and leave him in the room via my own vehicle, he got on top of me, and punched me in the face multiple times, making me see stars. I fought back, getting one up on him, punching him in the head, and back of lower neck where he always claimed to have sculiosis. This was when he claimed mercy, and We continued travelling together for another month. I had a mighty shiner for two and a half weeks, as well as other bruising along my face.

We fled to a national rainbow gathering in OR, as I tried to find another way for him to become sober from alcohol, and try to maintain his schizophrenic, and bi-polar tendencies. He left me in portland, to try and teach another person from abroad how to travel in the US better, supposedly.. He never said goodbye to his dog, and it was a deal between the two of us that I would not be solo without her; claiming to meet back up with each other after a month. (This was all to try to coerce another "green traveller from out of the country to fund his addiction, and abuse.")

Later, I was posted on the "untrustworthy and shady people" forum by a lady I had nothing to do with, but supposedly had sold the dog (meeka) to Sirius and wanted her back. Sirius had given this lady my information here on squat the planet, where she harassed me, and tried to slander me by saying I stole her dog. He also has spread fucked lies by telling at least one person that has contacted me that I raped him during the entire relationship we had. All of these accusations are false. And this person, due to many days, hours, and miles spent is a compulsive, lying, sociopath. Please, do not believe the shit he says.

He has openly claimed lying about his experience to other travellers in order to mooch off of their company, and is EXTREMELY unstable. If there are any further questions, feel free to message me respectavley. Beware of this guy, and know, he is extremely active within this community. And also has ties to black bear ranch.

Thanks for reading.. People can seem massively different online. Just be careful out there, and don't ignore red flags, as I did in the past. Predators are not welcome in this community.

Safe travels

His user name on StP is @Shwillam


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Dec 12, 2014
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Wow, are we talking about the same user that used to be NotSoSirius?

I talked to that dude alot in here and he seemed like a good dude. Shit.

I'm sorry you had to endure that....


Jan 7, 2017
Fuck Off Land
@MacnGs I have no experience at Black Bear Ranch, but I've met a few people that have been involved. It's actually a place that has peaked my interest in visitng, aside from the fact that Sirius is apparently deemed as a "resident" (so I've been told) which means he can go, and stay there whenever he pleases, for however long. Therefore, I express caution if you embark. Just good knowledge to have.

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I'm sorry you went through that, and thank you for telling us!


Jan 8, 2018
Schwilliam was just in PDX, hanging around the camps in Chapman square. Think they got run out and are headed towards Black Bear. This kids done a whole lot more fucked up stuff than just whats in this post. Greenlit for sure


Jan 8, 2018
They're also frequenting anarchist spaces and circles under the guise that their an experienced organizer. Their security culture is absolute trash and its led to a few inexperienced, vulnerable people getting put into some extremely dangerous situations. Seriously, fuck this guy


Sep 8, 2016
Can totally vouch for this manipulative and super aggressive behavior. Traveled with him for a few weeks a couple years back and had to eventually part ways because it was just too fucking much.

I'm so glad you got the fuck away from him @dumpsternavel . I remember a conversation we had around the campfire in the desert but we were all so drunk on 10 high and baby food (lol) and I was so preoccupied with my own stupid bullshit. I should have paid better attention to you. I'm sorry for not being there for you then. I know it was at the time just discussing polyamory but I can remember glimpses of you trying to bring up Sirius' problematic behavior and me just being a drunk asshole trying to have 2 conversations at once cuz well...u know. Ugh...I'm sorry dude. But I'm so glad you're safe. I knew you weren't traveling together anymore, but I never knew it was this bad. Fuck that punk ass motherfucker. He was such an agro pos.


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Feb 16, 2017
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You folks know me. I was and am a toxic person. I have been around the community both traveling and activist, and I want to clear some things up.
Firstly, I am unsafe, unstable, and not reliable. I am an addict and an abuser. I am regretful, to say the least, that this is what I became.
It starts way back when, I had destroyed all ties with my family with a terrible addiction to oxycodone at 16 that quickly escalated to a full force heroin addiction by the age of 19. I have been broken for a long time. Between the dis-morphia and a terrible affinity for immediate gratification I had ran along the same toxic and awful coarse as many of my family down the road of addiction. It is something I have inflicted onto folks that have loved me since a young age.
I have no excuses.
I have many regrets.
At the end of the day heres the truth. I have had no coping mechanism in this world, and being the weak, cowardly, fake person I am, took others suffering to my own gain. I abused, shamed, misgendered, ilegitimatized, lied to, and shut down people who loved me so I could feel better about my awful self. Everything Dragon has told the community about me is true. Probably more.
Since I began having interpersonal relationships with folks, looking back, theyve always had a toxic quality to them. Any relationship I have had has resulted in the other party or myself (less often than not) experiencing traumatic circumstances.
Again, for this I have no excuse.
All I can possibly do is try and be better. I accept what comes to me, both in physical ramifications and the isolation. Theres so many questions that deserved to be answered, and many truths that deserved to be told. All I want is for my victims, my survivors, to tell their stories and to not allow my behaviors go unchecked or without accountability. If youve heard something about me, its probably true. If you want to know, ask me, if you feel safe to.
In the last few months here in PDX ive tried to be accountable to the community, but I see its time for me to come out publicly about these accusations.
They are true.
Believe survivors.
I am sorry.

I am trying to be better, both for my own health and that of our community. I dont expect forgiveness, nor acceptance, I merely want to offer myself in any capacity I can to both the folks I have directly harmed, and those who have been harmed by folks like me.
Im sorry, to everyone who ever loved me. Who ever took a second out of their day for me, who gave up everything for me. I will never be able to heal that trama I caused to you, and for that, I deserve whatever comes to me, and I will keep trying to be better.

-Dru/Schwillam/Sirius/Audio/Andrew Bolen.
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