R.I.P. Whaleofashrimp aka Linus (1 Viewer)


Like A Boss
Jan 25, 2010
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Wherever I lay my head tonight is home!
Linus passed Feb 8th in Atl. I have no details of how he passed. He was one of the goofiest, kindest people I had ever met. He always wore a huge sloppy grin..and he wore it with style. Thanks for the times we had together Linus. Take it easy on the other side.
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dharma bum

Sep 9, 2010
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no shit! FUCK! we were just talking about meeting up too.
R.I.P. you silly-ass...


Apr 20, 2007
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eastern shore of Maryland
only hung out with him for 1 night....had got a ride from MD all the way to Tallahassee FL........as soon as i got out of the car there there's this kid...."hey, you on the road?" and it ended up being that we had chit-chatted some on StP ........hung out for a night.....seemed like a GOOD DUDE.......... people arent supposed to die at that age... R.I.P. dood............. i hope wherever you are it's in god's hands and your doin good


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May 15, 2007
Damn, usually people like him keep on going with all the stuff he's gone through, in the way that the people you're surprised that they've survived this far are almost indestructible. He'll be missed. RIP you goofball, I've lost count of how many times I've had to warn and reprimand you on the boards.

Kim Chee

I deleted myself
Ah shit! It seemed like it was not long ago I was giving him a gentle ribbing for doing something else stupid. Didn't know him well, RIP anyway bro.


Chasing the Darkness
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Jan 4, 2009
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Montreal, Canada
Rest in Peace man, you always had an interesting view on things. Always enjoyed your posts, and your haircut was one of a kind. You may have moved on but your immortalized in these STP posts. Im sure most STP users are heading to the same place, so see you in a bit.


Nov 23, 2009
Shit. Rest in Hel, man. I really enjoyed your presence on this board. As well as dat facial hair.


I deleted myself
Rest easy brother.......
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Jun 23, 2012
Traveled with this dude for a about 6 months in mid 2011.great guy all around. Definatly was battling some.demons but it seemed like he had just turned a new leaf. Pure faggotry. Miss ya man. Meet ya on The Big Rock.

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