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  • Glasgow, MT. Became local celebrities in Saco/Malta. Got a bunch of free beer at the bar and got housed up last night. Good fuckin' life.
    Two things! One, when you headed out? Two, are you going to swing by the NATO summit? You and you're green friend totally should, juuust saying.
    About a month and a half to go. I truly regret staying here so long, but I did manage to regain my thoughts. Always a good thing.
    "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." Good luck, everyone.
    This site is for learning how to defecate in any area, on any terrain, whenever you may need to. Thus; "squat" the planet.
    I need enough coin for a new uke, a new pack, and many other details by March. Oh first world problems. Guess I gotta bust out the leggings.
    is this the alaska i rode with from houston to nola tryin to smoke random rocks off the ground winding up in galveston with crips n shit?
    aw man, sorry to hear that, i hope everything works out alright, im skippin NOLA, fuck that place, if i go, it may end up being a really big mistake -- plus i dont wanna end up in opp AGAIN. haha, maybe next year.. where will you be for st. pattys? & is there a number i can call ya on? im getting a phone in like a week so you can call me whenever, i would looove to meet up with you somewhere down the road and spacebag it upp! take care of yerself my dudey.. xo
    dude! how the eff are you man?! where ya been at i havent seen you around at all... im in savannah right now, heading down to nola post haste -- will you be there? it would be fucken rad to see you... and whats this about steve being dead? is that true dude? well i hope all is well man, safe travels. xo
    Im perfectly comfy with my (possible) -10. Thats cozy enough for me. Just thow a cuddle puddle party in a bottle on a poodle eating noodles, and get through it with a smile :). whats what I would do.
    Well everyone's headed to florida but i'll be in NOLA for mardi gras you should try n catch that
    I would'nt say we won, don't forget about me assholes...hahaha nah we won Fuck them richmond kids, we all need to get back up reunion style, oh yeah and i was just in Richmond and the cops woke me up over by belle isle, and they recognized me from that fight and said that Steve died....fell off a bridge while takin a piss or something, either of yall heard about that??!!?? And where the fuck are you Jamie
    Alaaaasssssskkkkaaaa!!!!! What the fuck is up dude, it's ed; we hung in richmond and ya know took on 50 motherfuckers and won! How the fuck are ya and where are ya nowadays we gotta get up!!
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