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    "anarcho-transcendentalist" - We need people like you!!!!!!!!!!
    hey man, sorry about missing you on upgrading your account after donating. my bad! it should be fixed now!
    I'd say a leightweight therma-pad/ sleep mat would be a good item for the mini-accordion. You wouldn't happen to have one you could trade eh?
    if you drink the water here, you'll always come back. seems to be true with me. i always come back to this shithole.
    i fucking hate macon, ga. there's a rumor that's been floating around for a few decades....
    since burning a huge hole in my tarp, i scored a nice eureka rain fly in chicago at this place called moosejaw. now back to macon, ga. fml.
    Sweet sf...man i cant get enough...sometimes it gets to overwhelming i dip out for awhile like right now, im going to tulsa oklahoma for xmas, ill be back the 3rd of january, and im planning on cathcing the end of the gathering in sanata barbara...4 hours away. Im 8 hours away from sf right now.
    but yeah maybe make it to florida sometime next month. I havent been to my hometown in 6 months now, im kinda excited to spend new years there, and get away from the weirdness of the westcoast. Austin and san antonio are the shit by the way. you should travel until you feel youve experienced everywhere.
    Right on man, I have heard of it, and people that have done it but have not myself. I would like to though.
    yeah my homie chris from sf told me to get on this sht, so here i am, im housey right now, spending xmas
    with my brother...but after this i plan to start traveling again. So yepp, u been to sf?
    man... thru-hiking with little to no money would suck. Not having anyone to send you packages must suck even harder. One day... deff no time soon for me. I want to hike the long trail in VT sometime in the summer. I guess thats supposed to be the roughest part of the hike
    Love your pictures of the AT! Trail magic! Did you thru-hike? I want to, but.... from all the research I've done it cost between 1600-9000 to thru hike, do you find that to be true?
    yea yea man. i got it... ive been chilling at the house. i get my lisence tuesday. so ill be seeing you soon
    4 and a half months of straight roughin it in the wilderness. absolutely amazing. i loved the AT, don't get me wrong, but the PCT was operatin' on a different level.
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