Official 2016 Jamboree Rideshare/Road dog Thread (1 Viewer)

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cool.. we're heading down CA 1, then cutting over to 101 / I-5 just below Cambria..

SLO isn't that far away, so who knows?

can you make Paso Robles, if necessary?
Totally. I will be in touch about ride status
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Apr 5, 2012
I might be able to swoop you up

Still an offer? Just heard back from a dear friend who I get to see like twice a year,he'd hoped to go but can't get time off his work contract. :( also I just got my fuckin license back so I can legally drive!
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Jul 22, 2015
Seattle, WA
Going to try to head down from portland. I was going to take my geo i literally just bought a few months ago but its totaled from the storm we just had. Easy come easy go i guess. Either way, going to try to make it still, if not though yall have blast and hope there's another one coming around next year.


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as mentioned before in this thread, @DoctorApocalypse and myself (and possibly two others) will be in san diego on the 19th. we are driving straight from the airport to slab city, so you have to be ready for pickup on that day.
What time you guys landing/leaving for the slabs? I'm in Huntington beach so I should be able to get down there easily.
Oct 16, 2016
Denton, Texas
I'm definitely planning on attending the Jamboree, and I have plenty of space for passengers. Assuming, of course, that you don't mind sharing ALL of your personal space with my 80+lbs fur baby, Krush. I'm not certain exactly where I'll be coming from yet, but I'll keep you all posted.
I'd be very interested in catching a ride with you :) Is your dog okay with cats because I've got a fur baby too. I'm in San Diego. Right now it's just me, my pack and my cat. Might be trying to kidnap a really cool friend and amazing musician out there with me too, but I dont know about that yet.


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Headed out of LA to the slabs in a few days still. Got anywhere from 2 to 3 open seats depending on if I grab my road dog out of OB or not.
Oh shit I just saw this, are you going south or east? If youre coming south would you be able to grab me from Huntington? I was planning to greyhound to San Diego but if I can save that 18 bucks I can use it for booze


Guardian of the Knowledge of the Wastes
Dec 12, 2013
Slab City, CA
@Cailin Gumimaci , there is a slight possibility that I might be unable to attend the Jamboree, as my van is currently out of commission and I'm stranded in northern California.

If I get it fixed in time, I'll definitely let people know, though!
This thread has been closed and cannot be replied to.

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