Looking for friends, travel buddies, and places to crash anywhere in Europe.


Mar 3, 2011
I've never posted on this site, but I'm going to be flying into London March29th, travelling up into scotland, back down into england and then am going to take a ferry to Ireland. [about a month in england/ ireland in total] and then I got all of May, June and part July to go wherever i please.
I was given a 3month eurrail pass as a gift, so i am free to go wherever.
I'm definitely planning on stopping in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, and all of Scandinavia. [possibly eastern europe as well, due to it being so much cheaper]
I definitely plan on spending as much time as I can outdoors, in heavy forest areas, and visiting castles.
I've traveled extensively throughout the US on my own, and been to europe a few times before, so I'm not a new traveler by any means.
If anyone is down to offer any company or places to crash i would be most gracious.


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Aug 26, 2007
Hey, I'm pretty static in Granada in the south of spain right now. you can come hang out for a bit if you come south, we are only 5 minutes walk from trailheads into the sierra nevada, really nice country side, and amazing weather. 1 hour train to beaches with avacados and mangoes growing all over.
I have been in western Europe for almost 2 years now, I dont know anything in the UK, but have lots of contacts and ideas to share on the continent. Drop me a line whenever, and let me know where your plans take you, I probably know something nice in the area.


Apr 6, 2009
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Squattign is VERY organsied in London.
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I don't know what kinda stuff you are into but it would be
worth checking out the uk indymedia website.

If can go to the Outer Hebrides when yer up in Scotland - VERY beautiful!!!!!

I used to live in Uk, so if you have any questions just ask!!

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Feb 7, 2011
if you do make it to denmark make sure to go to dortheavej 61 (dortheavej is the street) its in norreboro. it's the new umdongshuset. they'll house and feed you as long as your respectful. plus they have shows there like 3 times a week. it's a guaranteed good time drunk punk as fuck so if you want a more relaxed atmosphere go to Bumzen a collective house down the street a little, also traveller friendly. it means fucking in danish. if your in kopenhagen make sure to jump off that huuge pirate ship shit thats by the water its a public pool or something. also, because of christiania i have ground-scored a lot of hash and spliffs. sleeping on the beach on the southern coast of denmark was one of the best night skies i've seen. Also, although it's not advertised almost all transportation in europe is free ;)
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Apr 9, 2011
I just found out my buddy is going to loan me some money for a rail pass and get him one also when he is out here. We'll be in Rome on the 31st then probably just head all over if you want to join us or anything. Just for a couple weeks I think.

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