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Oct 24, 2008
Current Location
Dawson City, Yukon
victoria bc
its my hometown and its legal to sleep outside from 7pm to 7am. also its on the coast so it rains alot but its not your normal cold canadian winter. it snows there for maybe a week every winter. theres a youth shelter that opens up in november that is sort of weird and nice. it changes site every night and they allow dogs at most of the sites. so if yer hungry and cold you allmost allways have a place to go if you need it. the food not bombs there was really good for years but i dont know what its like anymore. lots of cool kids but the cops are d-bags. you can get a ticket for haveing your backpack on the ground there and it they feel like it they just steal yer pack. but theres lots of nice little spots to hide out and sleep. i love victoria for those reasons but hate it for others. its not bad though ALOT better than vancouver.


I deleted myself
yeah dude. Victoria's the nicest Canadian City to spend a winter. If thats where you're headed, look for a soup kitchen downtown called 'our place society'. they open at about 9am. they have lots of coffee, a meal, computers, showers, lockers, and even a mailing address.


Nov 30, 2010
7am wake up makes alot of cranky homebums hahhahah, you get really fat in victoria to, so much homebum food. but its like a retirement home so the amount of cop callers is crazy sneeze really loud and cops will be there to cheack the dogs tags and tell you to wear your back pack at all times.


May 14, 2010
iv NEVER heard anyone refer to windsor as their favorite city,for anything...
im grew up here,and have been back for a year
cant wait to leave!

farmer john

Sep 18, 2009
Current Location
swim swim swim my dear friend!!!

not really lol

theres a good chance you could ride into the states up near port huron toronto tho if you wanted i know its rather lax going your way


Sep 9, 2010
Current Location
Tennessee, chattanooga...someone will let you crash their house and there's always a thick bush to hide in...and burn stuff, without much of a chance of getting caught..and everyone watches t.v. so much, you can crawl under their house and most likely they won't notice your there..at least i've never been caught and it's warm..and there's still random caves around.
Jan 11, 2011
Victoria, Vancouver island, Vancouver. Hands down, some parts of the okanagan.

I stayed in texas for a few winters, they were nice.


Feb 17, 2011
Current Location
I spent last winter and the whole summer and fall and beginning of this winter Victoria, super warm all year round. Ridiculous amounts of food, lots of cool people. Free camping in the parks, tons of shelters and so much homebum food. I'd reccomend taking a bus to sydney to spange/busk or fly a sign. I make like 5X as much in sydney and it's a local bus.


Oct 15, 2009
Current Location
toronto, i was in montreal and i'm probably going back near the end of the month, just meeting up with a friend who's coming from victoria ironically enough.

Mark Dylan

Sep 27, 2019
Current Location
Id have to say Vancouver, or Victoria..Im in Fredericton NB now..busking, trying to plot my way back west again....been here a week..squatting has been decent, but not tonnes of squat places..Busking is really good, and found at least two open mics...making enough to live on...Ive been ion road for two years, strictly Canada

anybody have experience in any of the Maritime cities?

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I hosted Lilith/@slaapkaamers for 3 nights in Nov 19.
She was an exemplary guest. Good w both conversing and alone time. Trustworthy, didnt steal anything and I felt very comfortable leaving her alone at my place. She didnt stink and not a junky.
Lilith is a legit traveller, she's a sweet, artistic chick w lots of good and interesting ideas to chat about. A pleasure to host. If she's in your neck of the woods you should help her out. 😉
I have a pretty good new squat in sfe but im leaving soon if anyone wants the keys lmk.
The peavine is gorgeous, I highly recommend that route.
Fucking winter snuck up this year
Damn It! I've been thinking and debating about applying for a position as an Amtrash locomotive engineer! They have openings for Salt Lake City, UT and St. Cloud, MN. I know I got to go through training but I'll be on call 24/7? There goes my sex life and night time weekend parties! Screw that, I'll play with my train set-No Pun=No Joke!
Made back up into Cincy for the weekend. Gonna chill with some homies before we head west for the winter..
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First Vermont snowfall; Bon hiver, everybody!
anybody up in alaska wanna play some tunes?