Christopher from Eastern Tennessee. (1 Viewer)


Feb 22, 2011
knoxville, tn
I've prowled around this website for a while, but this is my first contribution. I'm from a small town in Tennessee, just outside of Knoxville. My travelling experience is limited, but very few minutes go by that the idea isn't active in my noggin'. Last August I drove north to Alaska for a few months, and I plan on going again, but this time by the good nature of travelling strangers. That's why I'm here, to educate myself on getting to new places with few resources. My hitching experience has only been out of necessity when my car broke down on the Alaskan Highway, but I plan to do more of it. I'm interested in: photography, low-income gourmet cooking, the wilderness, books and all sorts of music from roscoe holcomb to blut aus nord. Anyway, I'm glad to meet yall. Send me a message if you're in my area.

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I deleted myself
nice to meet you. great photos! photography is my "thing" also.


Feb 22, 2011
knoxville, tn
Nice to meet you, too. Do you have any of your photos online? I would like to pick your brain sometime about the possible dangers in taking photos while you're wandering.

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sold my prius for just under 4k, and now i am just a few weeks away from buying a school bus!
I work on an egg farm at the moment. I'm interested in developing self sufficiency to maintain autonomy in a world that appears to me to becoming more managed and controlled in an authoritarian way. I play music and read a bit. Always interested in learning something new.
Just found a nice little selection of Cory Doctorow books at a library in San Antonio 👌
Chicago street musician feel like we are becoming dinosaurs
im not liking it where I live, freaking cockroaches :( kinda still cold for me, but I rather live in a diy shelter in the woods right now :)
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man, some days it hits me a little harder than others how special this community is

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