1. Toyoder

    No luck in Southern California

    So.. little trip update for ya'll on some traveling I did this last week. So I came down to the states from Alaska for a few weeks to visit family and friends and get a break from the cold and dark -- Jan/Feb is when the winter really starts to drag on. Ended up in LA with the intention of...
  2. Troubie

    Hello From Northern California

    Hi all, my name is Troubie and I'm a former west coast car camper. Currently I'm stuck in Sacramento on my way to a college degree. Hoping to gain some wisdom from everybody here and learn about different places and ways to travel before heading back out there. I pretty much stuck to Cali...
  3. Gabe

    Intro, looking for old and new family to get back on the road with, escape sacramento

    Hey, My names Gabe I used to go by owl. I’ve been off the road for a minute now and I’m a bit rusty, looking for anyone crewing up to get out of Sacramento. I play music and I squawk at birds and have a genuine problem with being normal. Bus, car, train don’t matter, I miss the open road and...
  4. RageNation

    Traveling with my best friend, we're native and queer!

    Week two in Sacramento, traveled from Arizona. It's chilly here and the grid is so flat my friend and I had to make push staffs out of conduit. Conduit because we are learning how to bend conduit for wires! That's right, we are mastering the still of conduit bending. Anyway we traveled here for...
  5. beyondthepaleogender

    Sacremento to Portland: A beautiful ride

    So I got fired from my job in the Bay area, where I have been saving up money after crossing the country twice hitching, and thought FUCK IT! I want to go see some people I know and love up the west coast. So, being the entrepreneuring, straight shooting, totally respectable and never done...
  6. D

    Josh from Eugene to Sacramento

    I doubt you're on here, but i'm hoping you're still around. We met in Eugene; I got robbed and beat up in a blackout, you got my bag back, then we hitched down the 5 to Sacramento with a Ukrainian man with a van full of cabbage. I purposely ditched you because I was loosing my mind. I'm sorry...
  7. juno

    sacramento -> redding

    curious if anyone has experience or tips on hitching out of sacramento north towards redding/red bluff. i'm planning on taking the yolobus 217 all the way to dunnigan and hitching north from there. right now i'm hung up at the sacramento airport waiting for the next bussssss
  8. DreaderDread

    Sacramento to where the shroomz grow in oregon

    California is the heart that pumps the stereotypical notions of the usa. I never in my life witnessed so much homelessness and degradation. So ill be biking out tonight taking the yubacity route on up to the promise land.. Its been crazy getting all the equipment needed but I loved taking it...
  9. mattypsfg

    Struggling Heroin addict who loves the drug too much to stop living in my car

    I know I need to stop but I love the drug, I hate what I have to do to get it I.e. Steal and what not. I'm a nice guy, I give rides and do what I can with what I have. I just have an addiction. Anyways nice to meet y'all have a good one if anyone's out in south Sacramento send a message!
  10. writerlane

    Missing Elderly Man - Los Angeles to Sacramento

    Fast version: Missing, 79 year old man name George, white hair, Caucasian Hispanic, ball cap usually, track pants usually with sandals, has a cat named Sammy,. Drives/lives in a black 1990 volvo station wagon. Missing from Los Angeles, (Manchester/ La Tijera), now possibly in Sacramento. CA...
  11. NomadicDiscord

    Hello from the Sacramento area.

    My name is Breana. Some call me Banana. I recently moved up to Sacramento from Barstow, CA when my boyfriend's mom offered me a job and a place to stay. She decided to kick me out when I found a different job because her hours were not reliable and steady. I have been staying in my vehicles for...
  12. MoHank

    Denver-Portland-Sacramento-Las Vegas

    College age guy leaving on hitchhiking trip in a few weeks. Route is Denver-Portland, Portland-Sacramento (via 101) then Sacramento-Las Vegas. First timer here! Who's got tips? Spots along that route I need to hit? How long will this probably take? Anyone been to Bitterroot National Forest...
  13. S

    News & Blogs At least five people stabbed at neo-Nazi event outside Capitol in Sacramento At least five people stabbed at neo-Nazi event outside Capitol in Sacramento Police putting up crime tape around area where stabbings just happened. Crowds heading back to Capitol steps...
  14. Mongo

    Shut down the nazi rally in Sacramento 6/26/16

  15. Venatus

    Looking for a post about property in Sacramento, Help!

    Recently (during my insane panicked procrastination before the finals) i found a post from someone i dont recall saying they had some land in sacramento that was available to anyone who wanted to live there. well you see, i dont exactly want to live there, i need a space to set up some things...
  16. Wildweed

    Sacramento, Fresno, Auburn, (leaving monterey county)

    Hey, I'm new here, been browsing the last few days and thought I would step up.. 30/f Making the move to just south of lake Tahoe, placerville, officially may 18th. I'm Wildweed, I'm currently getting ready to leave Monterey county (and not a moment too soon, I have been here so long). I will...
  17. T

    The Grand Adventure -- Sacramento

    Libraries have never let me down, and the main branch in Sacramento is no different. I'm talking about a REAL library, full of homeless folk tryin' to find a job or get a quick 15 seconds of porn in without getting caught like this old dude across the hall just did. The kind with security guards...
  18. T

    The Canadian Fiddler from BC who I met in Sacramento -- Underneath the Rainbow Overpass to Old Sac

    It was early in the morning, and I probably looked terrible. You were jamming out on your violin and spreading your beautiful voice all throughout that awesome underpass of rainbow lights and art and tourists and good vibes, and you were stompin' away and causing a scene and all I could do was...
  19. seeking existence

    Off the Grid land in Sacramento

    Seeking partners for Off Grid Living on land in rural Sacramento: I'm not sure if this is the most fitting place to put this thread, but I felt what I wanted to write fit best under 'alternative housing' and possibly under 'squatting" but I'm putting it here first. I posted this first under...
  20. West

    Broken Strings - Folk Punk Fest - Sacramento area - September 2015

    Thought I'd throw this up for anyone who can get down with some angsty folk "punk" :)
  21. T

    Sacramento, CA

    Ended up skipping Mt Diablo like I originally planned. Felt like Superman upon arrival but quickly realized how fucking exhausted I was. Hung out in Florin like a fucking dumbasssssss. Place goes from trailer parks to suburban hell and throws you off a bit. Spent the night there in the regional...
  22. T

    Sacramento, CA -- What should I know??

    Got a ride to Sacramento, should be there Wednesday night. Bluntly put: I have no clue what I'm doing here :D Living out of my bag, got what I need...minus a form of shelter. Unless you'd consider a bivvy sack shelter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Didn't have time to get squared away. I'll figure it out. Headed...
  23. Kassy

    any goods squats or ppl in the Sacramento area?

    4 kids Chillin in sac a lil longer than planned anywhere cool to check out n possibly stay? We're in west sac right now
  24. J

    New to the road, looking for road dog! Sacramento area

    Hi everyone, my name's Sarah. I have been lurking on this site off and on for a while, as I became interested in the alternative lifestyle of hitchhiking, and life on the road. Just thought, since today I made my first post, I'd introduce myself. I live in Sacramento currently, recently...
  25. R

    Things to know if yer in Sacramento

    So, I'm moving away from Sacramento, but I figure before I should post helpful info in case your stuck here. I know Sac gets a bad rap, and we're kinda short on punk houses (really, punks in general) right now, but it's not all that bad. As I said, there are not really any traveler friendly...
  26. R

    Sacramento Zine Symposium

    ::::THIS YEAR WE ARE PRESENTING THE FIRST ANNUAL SACRAMENTO ZINE SYMPOSIUM:::: This is a showcase for all the alternative press that is underrepresented in the sacramento/davis/norcal community. It's a chance to make friends, network, and share your experience or lack there of in the world of...
  27. R

    Anyone in Sacramento?

    If so, my house hold is putting on our second annual accoustic show with pixie bike jousting ( dec. 21st ). I doubt anyone on this is in the area, but if so hit me up and I'll tell you where it's at.