1. dumpsternavel

    Queer poets collective

    Hey there! Draggin' here! Hope y'all are makin' it through this winter warmer than expected, and healthy. I've been in the works of a lot of more "stationary" projects since housed up. This involves actually getting a literary distro up and running, and starting an all queer poets collective...
  2. Redbeard The Rhymer

    High Noon

    So this is Part II of my trilogy "From Dawn 'Till Dusk." I hope you enjoy... --High Noon-- Behold! the sunrise has cleared, a distant morn', let's pursue the final path and take this kingdom with a pawn-- no brawn--knowledge and wisdom trumps the strength of ten men, so change your guards...
  3. Redbeard The Rhymer

    The Dark Before Dawn

    I wrote this ode back in 2018, all in one sitting (though it took a couple of hours) after watching a movie I can't quite recall the name of; but the theme music that played periodically through the movie had a dark and depressing cast to it (it was some sort of second rate film), and the tune...
  4. Tengu91

    Lyrics or Poetry that Inspire Travel

    I posted something similar to this a couple years ago, but that was a call for songs and playlists. What lyrics or lines of poetry do you find yourself humming or thinking about when the urge to travel hits? I've been in Mexico for about 7 months and I'm eager to move on. Here's what I've got...
  5. Luna Walsh

    Banjo/Poetry/Screamo (my weird acoustic project)

    Just wanted to share my project called Moon Pillow. I'm not playing shows currently but I'm predominantly based in Los Angeles. Tell me what ya'll think. Moon Pillow - https://moonpillow.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Moon-Pillow-1251181911685952/?view_public_for=1251181911685952
  6. Honey Crust

    This Was Written

    Driving along I-80 in a part of Iowa I’ve never been Sitting in the passenger seat of a car that I don’t own that’s being driven by a man that I don’t know Watching the hills roll by framed by overpasses without off ramps My pack in the back and my water jug at my feet I have never felt so...
  7. dumpsternavel

    Spoken Word & Written Poetry

    Here are a few works of mine from the last 6 months* I decided to post audio, as well as finished write-ups for those who have a personal preference for one, or the other. Also, I'm quite curious as to any of your own feelings in regards to the differences in media. If the same message/rythm...
  8. Keegan

    Calling for poetry/writing submissions for "Anywhere but Here" poetry zine

    CALLING FOR POETRY/WRITING SUBMISSIONS: Calling on all vagabonds, tramps, transients, vagrants, dirty kids, rubber/leather-trampers, bums and hobos who create poetry in America influenced by their lifestyle. This zine will work to publish real poetry by real people. Who better to provide slices...
  9. zero belt GoDs

    A Loveless Story

    She was the moon and he was no one. Her color was blue and his black. They met on a few occasions, usually at a party or some other social gathering, but they knew nothing of each other. He didn’t know she was frail. She didn’t know he was small. They never talked, except for the cordial...
  10. dumpsternavel

    New Spoken Word Pieces i'm happy to share with yeuh

    Recently uploaded a few new tracks to my soundcloud. My profile was getting pretty outdated, but I am now in the process of sharing the works I have come up with since living full-time on the road. More will be coming soon* Hope y'all enjoy*
  11. VanScribed Goat

    Moving up or changing plans? Sell me your van!

    I'm not sure if this is allowed...couldn't find a rule on "asking for tips on finding a van" ;D I'm in Texas and not having much luck acquiring my new home on wheels. I'd love something converted already with a 6 cylinder engine (or that pretty 5 in a Eurovan if I get lucky price wise). I'd...
  12. dumpsternavel

    If ya like Poetry

    Hey there! I've recently been rather idle in regards to travel for the last month n a half.. But! what has come of that, has resulted in the completion of my very first collection of poetry/zine which is titled: Nonsensical Ambivalence ! I made a whole 50 copies, and in celebration- wanted to...
  13. F

    travel poem

    wasn't sure if it fit in travel stories so I put it here... My Mad Garden America ...banging my forehead with poetry books my black flag blinding my eye piercing my flat veil my minds own fascist, persecuting my self with options that don't exist I exude magic of no magic; creative of no...