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  • Hey, it's going alright. And actually, I wouldn't consider myself a radical Christian.. my partner identifies as one and has for a while, but I guess I'm just not there yet. But I'm interested in it and him and I talk about it a lot. How are you doing?
    its going well. finally getting warm here. starting to build bikes again. and finally able to ride them.
    Haha, I totally thought cornerstone was in may for some reason. Whatever. Chances are I'll leave for East Coast in June after fokllife in Seattle, kick it in philly and NY and maybe maine til cornerstone, then head back to the west coast for Christian Summer Camp. When you outta school? Where you headed then? I think I might spend some time in the midwest Around May-June.
    howdy, doin pretty alright, workin at a radical space in seattle and stuff.
    what you up to, you on the road full time? got a place you call home?
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