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  • damn,, sounds sweet.
    June I'm rolling to chicago, bloomington IN, and bushnell IL, and then I wanna spend time in philly and ny and maybe see maine. and then late summer probably gonna be in the midwest for a bit. the rest will just happen. stoked to really be on the road long term though. i'm getting antsy being in one place too, even if i feel good about what im doin here its just the same place every damn day.
    Shit's been good dude. Things are definitely getting off the ground. We gotta website and stuff!
    and we've had cool events and sweet shows and helped people out and yeah. we're figuring it all out.
    I'm hitting the road way more full time this summer. Where you been roamin around?
    ay yo Pony! Where you at these days? I think I may be rolling through a town near you in the semi-near future.
    oh you know, just the usual troubles, crazy landlord. hit chris with a rake, got arrested on our property....
    blah blah blah
    How's the 'ol home front treating you?
    PS. Do you have any advice or any tips on hoppin' or gettin' outta Tejas in general?! Tryin' to make my way back up to the Northwest asap.
    Pony, it's Matthew from the Seattle house. I hope all is well, if you have an address let me know so I can send that EBT!
    Hey fuck face, thanks for the pants and tried to find you before I left...but eh, I'm in Portland now. Keep me posted, brother.
    yea this winter is brutal, i headed to miami and the keys for a minute with some friends from nola but some stuff came up and im back in west palm again to take care of it. hope your doing alright and staying warm!
    hey buddy! me and t bone just split up again he went back to louisville after we spent a little over a month together. nola almost killed us. where are you at now? im back in west palm for the tiem being, thinking of waiting out this winter then hopefully heading out again.
    first at the fest then we went to nola for a bit bout a month ago i think, he said he was from st.pete area i believe, im supposed to be over there in a few weeks.
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