new england

  1. superphoenix

    Single-Speed Tour Through New England

    While my back is currently fucked up and I can't move around too much, I thought I would take the time to talk about my little bike trip through New England from two years ago. After biking around the Greater New York City area a lot, I decided it was time to expand my horizons and see some...
  2. Leopluradon

    New from rhode island

    Hi I'm Leo, from Rhode island. Just wanted to put myself out there, and maybe see if anyone out there is around the southern new England area. I'm excited to learn and share new information with anyone of you.
  3. zero belt GoDs

    Here to learn

    Hey folks! I just got back from an event organized on here. I had a blast! Everyone suggested I make an account. So here I am. This is my first time at a space like this. Before now I've never done any forumming (that looks misspelled). Please excuse me if I mess up at first . I rubber-tramped...
  4. Lynn Rogan

    New to this community & looking for someone to travel with

    Hey there, I recently got back from riding freight starting in NY and working my way through the New England area. I fell in love with Vermont & will be traveling back between July 10-15th and the people I'm traveling with are coming back in August but I want to keep traveling and eventually...