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Oct 22, 2012
Hey guys, my name is Jim.
I'm 19, born and raised in Brattleboro, Vermont. Living in central CT since age 13.
I like rock, punk, electronica, and country music. Concerts are fun and raves are fucking awesome.
Still trying to figure out where I stand politically, all I know is that none of those bastards know how to run my life better than I do so they can stay the fuck out of it.
Dropped out of school at 16, earned my G.E.D. at 18. Now I'm trying to get into college to be an engineer, it's gonna be a looong road.
Before that, I was hoping to get the fuck out of New England for a while. Not much to do up here but drink, hunt, and bitch about the world. I'd love to head down south, through North Carolina down to Florida to meet up with an old buddy of mine.
I was hoping someone would be able to hook me up with a map of some sort that would explain what trains (Freight or passenger) I'd need to catch to make it down there in one piece. I've never hopped a train before, I think it'd be pretty sweet to give it a try. Can't be too hard, right?
Anyways, I hope I learn a thing or two here before I set out on my own for a bit. Any and all advice about the way things work out there is greatly appreciated.
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Interesting, as I live in CT and my problem is there is too much to do and not enough time to do it.
Only thing I can offer is to me anyway, "hate" is something that does not go away - meaning if you hate it here, you'll eventually hate wherever you wind up....
Unfortunately the freight service through the lower valley is non-existant, gone - and that's too bad - beacuse that would have been your ticket to go to somewhere else.
Have no idea how much freight service is left in CT, I keep hearing it's coming back - but I don't see any evidence of it (athough they just did replace all the rails across for this roost).
Don't have any advice for ya except that the folks here by in large are pretty cool, just be honest with what you are about, and folks will offer what they can...
Good Luck, and God Be With You !!


Oct 22, 2012
Thanks for the advice my man. I've seen some run through Southington, New Britain, Berlin, and all around that area, just not exactly sure where it leads to.
Maybe there's a side of Connecticut I haven't seen. What would you recommend?

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i think yer best bet is to google train yards near you, i know trains (freight and passenger)run around where you are but not knowing you at all i wont give you specific information, but its possible to ride trains south from CT.

as for the it cant be hard comment, yes it can be hard and it can also kill you. i would strongly recommend finding somebody in person and picking their brain. or you could just hitch hike down to NC and getting to FL from there shouldnt be to bad, you have internet access so try craigslist or rideshare, sometimes people will give you a lift for nothing more then you doing some of the driving.

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