1. BenAxeMan

    Is my coat worth the weight?

    Hey everyone, I have a military surplus coat I was planning on taking with me for train hopping/hitchhiking. It's an m-65 field coat. It's extremely durable, very warm, it's got a rain hood in it which makes it my poncho as well and it's a nice dull green color. The only problem is it's 3 pounds...
  2. BadBoBo

    Follow up for what I carried in my Jacket

    A few people liked the thread about the ScotteVest. So I will list all the things I carried in it and why. Also keep in mind. I carried all of this stuff and managed to keep the big pocket pretty much empty. LockPicks- Carried in the upper right breast pocket. These things helped so much and...
  3. BadBoBo

    A jacket/backback

    First off full disclaimer. My days of sleeping in the back of cars, in a tent or in old condemned house are far behind me. Fibromyalgia is a pain in my ass. That being said I hope someone can learn from my experiences. Yes this is a affiliate link. Like I said full disclosure This jacket has...