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Sep 23, 2010
Currently NC, hopefully not long
Hey, what do you guys recommend as a good jacket for staying warm while riding during the winter? I'm riding my first time in Jan and I do not know what jacket to get.

Any advice/recommendations are accepted! :D
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Feb 4, 2010
lots o jackets, sweaters and THERMALS wool socks anything wool or fleece... boots leather gloves hand warmy thngs to shove in your gloves pants and boots


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Aug 22, 2009
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if u wanna stay warm layer up like this.

First layer from skin being 1.

1. longjohns/thermal wear
2. heavysweatpants for lower body/heavy sweater upper boddy
3. 3-4 pairs thermal long socks (wool is the best). pair of pants lower body. goose down jacket upper body (optional)
4. insulated coveralls, but if u cant afford that i usually put on 1 extra pair of sweats, and a couple of extra heavy sweaters under the jacket.

of course u can forget 1-3 scarves (more for going over the mountains), a wool cap or 2, etc.

i find wearing ski jumpers under normal clothing insulates the body fairly well.


Oct 23, 2010
As pretty much everyone has said... Layers. Lots and lots of layers, silk is actually one of the warmest fabrics you can find, it holds in all of your body heat, at good will you can usually find silk scarves and shirts, they may be god awful ugly, but for an inner layer and to protect your neck, it is about the best you can find. Old school cowboys always did and still do where silk scarves in the winter in the rockys. After that I would go with wool, then something water proof. The better thing about layers is that it is cheaper to get a a bunch of little things than a nice coat, which could get ripped or lost leaving you with nothing when you need warmth most, and it is easier to adjust for the temp. One of the worst things is sweating because your too hot, then you get cold then hot and so on until your sick as shit in the middle of winter in who knows where. Make sure you have a good hat or two and a couple pair of gloves , like knit ones, then insulated leather, and even some mittens, ESP if your going over the rockys, or Sierra nevadas, trains get delayed due to snow in the passes all the time, and one delay leads to another and next your sided out for half a day in below zero. I carry next to nothing with me in the summer, and I hate large packs, but frost bite sucks far more, so tend to go for too much in winter, ESP in the west


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when it comes to layering I've fallen in love with Cuddle Duds. Sounds kinda gay, and they are for women, but they are REALLY warm and super thin so if cuts down on the bulk. I use them instead of thermals and it makes it so much easier to layer sweaters and pants over top.
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I usually wear:
cuddl duds
long sleeve shirt/thermal
oversized hoodie
super oversized military surplus jacket.

cuddle duds
snow pants of some sort

worst thing I've found to keep warm is my hands so get some of those pocket heater things that you crack and hold in your hands. helps a lot.

I used to drive a scooter in the winter to get to and from work. it was hell. but dressing like this helped a good bit. unfortunately when driving a scooter your hands are exposed no matter what. that SUCKED

wind breakers help also a high speeds.

scarf, ear cover, and a good wool hat are also a good idea


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Nov 18, 2010
Seattle, WA
For me a leather coat as a top layer is always a lifesaver, just because it blocks the wind like nothing else. But as everyone else has said, layers for sure.

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