1. dumpsternavel

    Anyone gonna be @ Folk Life 2018?

    Gonna be trying to attend the annual Folk Life Festival in Seattle,WA this year. It’s held at the end of May- and I’m gonna be round there bangin’ on a washboard, and hoping to jam with any and all. It’s also cohesive with apple picking season, (so I’ve heard) and may be a good opportunity for...
  2. NapalmBreath

    Eugene Friday Food Not Bombs

    Every Friday from 3-5ish Food Not Bombs has a free vegan meal served at either Kesey Square (if it's sunny) or under cover at the park blocks if it's raining. Anyone interested in helping cook can email [email protected] for the address. we start around noon and usually head downtown...
  3. Matt Derrick

    The Free Tea Bus - Crazy Awesome Bus ConversionVideo 

    In this video Guisepi Spadafora (a former train hopper) shows off the bus they've been living in for the past ten years. There's some insanely awesome build ideas you can take from this video if you're interested in converting your own school bus. Guisepi also gives away free tea as a way to...
  4. Cracker

    free boat website check it out
  5. Dylan Christopher

    Iceland ahoy

    I've read a few threads on here about Iceland but I'm gonna start a new one so it's current and noticeable. Anyways, going to Iceland this summer and looking for any and all information. Places to squat, things to know, possible contacts, etc. Looking to do a workshare in return for a place to...
  6. Guy Chouinard

    No Name Free Hostel GoaNews & Blogs 

    Hello, thought some of you may find this of interest. I would like to go to GOA some day. Map -> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello world.. We are a team of...
  7. technotrash

    Free boat in hyannis, MA ACT FAST EDIT: boat's been taken by now. Disregard the post, but still feel free to get in touch if you'd like to form a crew for 2017 This is a really good opportunity, if someone wants to coordinate, hit me up. I have some sailing exp but no vehicle...
  8. D

    Looking for fruit, nuts, and vitamins

    Hey all, I need food/ drink, fruit, nut, and vitamin suggestions on mood stuff (mostly depression), protein, dry skin and hair, menstrual stuff (ALL OF IT), and allergies/ congestion, and falling and staying asleep. I don't have access to herbs, and even if I did they would be costly. I know...
  9. HitchTube

    How to Hitch an AirplaneVideo 

    It is possible to hitchhike to remote places, such as Greenland and Nunavut Hitching a private airplane:
  10. CohesionHouse

    Fort Casey, WA

    A few of our comrades went to Fort Casey yesterday. Here's a short clip of our experience on Whidbey Island.
  11. D

    Free WiFi across the USA!

    This is a thread to list of cities, neighborhoods, and such areas that are linked with free wifi! Albuquerque NM - At the large bus hubs, and the downtown bus station Most of downtown Boston, Mass. Old Brooklyn neighborhood in Cleveland, OH Add to the list, if you know any!
  12. freespiritedsmiles

    Seeking new friends

    Hey I'm Taylor, 24, female and new here. I'm looking to meet new friends, and planning to start 2016 off on the road. Im part of the LGBT community, looking for cool people to make friends with. Florida currently, hit me up. :) Looking for a roaddog possiibly. I'm chill and down to earth
  13. XanderMenanderer

    Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

    Hey I know the StP gathering is the same weekend, but is anyone headed to the free Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco CA? If so you wanna meet up?
  14. GonzoLizard211

    Building a Motorcycle

    Anyone here know how hard it is to build a motorcycle? I am considering building one, because the idea of riding around the country on a motorcycle with my bag sounds awesome to me. I don't know where to start though. Any advice is appreciated.