National parks free. Only one day a year each park. (1 Viewer)

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I have gotten into the states coming from canada twice over the border with little to no hastle. Fucking walked over the vancouver border crossing with my dog. Coming back into canada was always a headache. Car searched top to bottom, bunch of stupid questions, etc. And im a canadian citizen with status. Surely dont expect a "Helcome home weary traveller. Had enough of those angry Americans eh?". So im guessing its a bitch for any lowly travellers crossing over. Fuck it, pretend youre a refuge. Theyll probly house you up n shit.

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Im sure you could get away with it alot of places and times. But they do have rangers for sure. And some are huge, wouldnt get very far in a day. And conversely some are small national historic sites that you could not sneak onto unless you are willing to climb an old fort barrier to save a couple bucks and possibly look like a jackass. Hahaa
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Well thats good to know. But they all are different. And patrolled differently.


Oct 16, 2015
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this is really cool appreciate the info

dead about making the free day for Banff in November, surely be cold as fuck but hey I'll take it


Apr 27, 2017
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Yahk, BC, Canada
I've been crossing the border for years. The best way that I can sum it up is:

No matter which way you go: have your shit together.

Know what your story is when you cross. home or not.
work, housing, etc.
References with lies or truth or what the fuck ever mixed with confidence.

I've gotten just as much hassle every time back and forth, but I also line it all up and don't cross with people (in a personal vehicle) that don't get it.
If it ever comes down to it. I get out prior to crossing and (on the west coast) figure out how to pay for the $10USD bus from where ever USA to whatever CAD.

I say this as a white person who comes from a low class, but has learned to use my perceived economic status.
As always, feel free to pm me or call me out about anything.
I know it's not the same folks who aren't white and anyone who transcends traditional gender boundaries. folks with limited chosen fam. i know. hmu.

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