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  • OhmyGod, meth is stupid bruh.

    Why fuck your l;ife, just go to sleep bruh.
    Shaggy Rogers
    Shaggy Rogers
    Nieghbor is high as shit, getting us into fights with the good nieghbors ,,,btw
    Hospital visits always help fix one problem and start more. Fuck yo.
    damn, it actually fixed one problem though? that in itself is a rare spectacle
    Bunch of land near me, I know of some hidden spots. It's all govt owned and used as hunting and a park, so who gives a shit. Anyone want a North Georgia bushcraft/off the grid place? Just a few people and we could have a nice little place going
    Deleted member 24029
    Yes, very true! Apparently, it was sub-freezing this morning in Dawson County, so the encampment would need to function in four seasons; which is a little challenging, but not impossible. I assume that's not BLM land near you; State of GA land, perhaps?
    Shaggy Rogers
    Shaggy Rogers
    Dawson was at lowest, 12° a few days ago, and a fireplace would be obvious; although a few spots I know could be partially dug in. But I'm not going to say what land it is, just in case, it may or may not be BLM/WMA. But it's enough if we're careful, nobody will find a camp. Only people that go that deep are the pot growers, and they won't say shit, or they wont have plants. Lol
    Deleted member 21429
    My two cents is there are only two seasons vs four seasons these days, HOT summer and FREEZING winter . There are fewer and fewer remote areas with the introduction of drones which are getting smaller and smaller. Cameras and microphones everywhere feeding self teaching AI algorhythims looking for pattern breaks. ~ peace and 50 gigapixel lenses lol
    You push someone into the corner and trap them, they're gonna lash out. I'm not exactly the one you want to put into a corner.
    Deleted member 20
    Shaggy Rogers
    Shaggy Rogers
    Purposefully made it seem that way. I would love a Roadhouse throat kill though.
    I fucking love going to sleep with the sun. I can never actually do it though, always other people interrupting the peace.
    I saved a litter of puppies for a neighbor from the cold, now if i can get the shots {around 40$ max} i got me a baby blue pit.
    What is exactly happening at slab city? Has the government started to seep into it? Seen some strange postings about it
    I don't know, but I saw that you live in Dawsonville. Forsyth/Gainesville here. I bet you love all that new construction going on near 400. lol
    Matt Derrick
    Matt Derrick
    i haven't heard anything from the people i know in the slabs, so i'm assuming all is well.
    Shaggy Rogers
    Shaggy Rogers
    The construction suuuuuuucksssss lol
    Slabby slabby slabby. Why is there always an itch to live at the slabs?
    muff cabbage
    Be careful what you itch for... :)
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