1. Dinner


  2. VickyFresh

    Butane Stove Sux. PROPANE PROPANE.

    I was given a butane camp stove recently, and although it worked well, those little gas canisters have such a short life that it defeats the purpose of cooking your own meal. I managed to cook a box of mac and cheese and heat up a can of chicken noodle soup before the thing ran out of gas. I...
  3. nivoldoog


    A couple months back I was traveling from the Canadian border to Oregon after being turned away for trying to hitch thru to Alaska. While waiting on next bus in Aberdeen, WA I took a walk and found a sweet thrift junk store. After meeting and traveling with a couple different groups, I came to...
  4. Hellcathysteria

    Hey new cat to the Seattle area. I'm a bit lost

    Hey everyone. I'm hellcat and I just got to the Seattle area. Been couch surfing or staying in hotels from New York City to here. I kinda need friends or advice on a place to crash. I wanna meet some fresh souls asap.
  5. freegander

    cooking with solar

    has anyone ever tried this? i think it'd be a fun project, but maybe not super convenient for traveling since it would only work when the sun's out.
  6. Mark Allen

    French Onion soup crock = Mini dutch oven

    I've been all over the country camping, and one thing I always have is a french onion soup crock. One if I'm hiking, two or more if I'm driving. with some foil you have a miniature dutch oven if you bury it in coals, on top of coals you have a mini skillet. You can basically use it for pretty...
  7. FeelAllRight518

    Canned foods over fire

    is it safe to heat up like a canned chili or pork and beans over a fire? Obviously you would take the top off but I mean is there some type of lining in the can that would be toxic or harmful if heated?
  8. Joni

    Cooking with jerky

    so i found this new product that think is the most amazing thing. BACON JERKY!!! ahh man this stuff in awesome scrambled eggs and some veggies.... ahhh yeah... BLT on the fly would work too!! so morning eggs goies like this: powdered eggs - get this from camp supply, amazon squat, or a drop...
  9. CelticWanderer

    Featured Gimmie yer backpacking recipes!!

    Post yer favorite thing to make after a long hike in the woods or traveling around in general, i'll start with Cheesy fuckin camp burritos ya just make 1 pot of white cheddar mac n cheese Get a tortilla Slap some hard salami and torn up string cheese on there Add that tuna shit from the pouch...