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Oct 14, 2011
Cooking on an engine really depends on how long you will be driving.
To cook chicken, you must drive 2 or 3 hours at least......


I closed my account
I've heard of all kinds of crazy ways to cook, one dude even used electricity (to cook potatos) hooked up to two forks.
There was definately something wrong with him.....
Never tried using an engine though when I shorted out me electric stove by staring at it (I was really REALLY mad about something I saw earlier) I replaced it with one of those Coleman (??) propane stoves - the two burner job - and been using it for almost two solid years now.

Gotta say, the exhaust manifolds on any old school V-8 should do the trick, but then again - the catalytic converters get super hot too - but that would be too much like work - figuring out how to make a makeshift oven under a car equipped with one of those.............

Something to think about though !!


Jul 27, 2011
One cool recipe for this (and any means of cooking, really) is cut the chicken, beef, whatever into small pieces, toss in some veggies (carrots,celery,onions,potatoes are favorites), along with a few slices of butter and whatever seasonings you like. Wrap it up well in aluminum foil, and toss it on the engine/fire. I recommend 2-3 sheets of foil if you can manage it, so the fluids don't leak out.

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