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    Abbey! I don't know if you remember me, but you helped Judson and I in Nashville. I hope you are doing well!
    dude jordan its dza have u hopped out of the blue island yard in illinois? im tryin to get to tennessee with my road dog jessica we just got off a train in hickley illinois it was like a 16 hour ride and now were in chicago headin to the yard in blueisland like 30 min from here
    are you the badass lady on the spoons? haha.... if so were you just in nashville like.... a month and a half ago or something of the sorts?
    Hey!!! I barely go on this site but I did for some random reason and saw a post you did...yiippee! Been wonderin how you're doin... In case I am unrecognizable to you on here with the lack of recent picture...it's ruby! I met you in Nashville and we jammed and hung out (and you stood up like a champ at the feed and got food bringin out cause they wouldn't let me in with my dog! haha)

    Anyway, hope you're well!
    i just got to pensacola like 5 days ago. im thinkin about headin to san antonio. what about you?
    hey whats up im about to be heading through nashville, you gonna be around?
    pretty good..glad the prego whore-moans have worn off..i'm definitely a moma.
    i wondered when you were coming back on.
    what's new with you?
    Hey I saw the spoons and thought us appreciate this. These fellows are from my home town. Kingston Ontario. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself hope u like it --jord
    have we met? whats up?

    u from wichita? im in a small town outside the city called park city. its situated along I35.
    Hey you!! Im sorry I was on a phone and it was a pain in the butt...my due date is Aug 21st!!! Im almost there!!! Its getting hot here...today not so bad but it will be!!! How are you? I will be heading to ohio for a visit for a few weeks im hoping to leave here monday!!
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