Looking for "clawhammer on low or no dollars" downloadable PDF (1 Viewer)


Apr 7, 2010
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Baltimore, Maryland
I've heard about this zine many times and been told to check it out. but hell if i can find the darn thing. i checked the Library on here and didn't see it. Hard copies don't seem to be for sale anywhere. If anyone has a PDF i think it'd make a great contribution to the STP Library. Or if you have a copy to you're willing to part with i would be down to barter something for it through snail mail.

Or if anyone knows the the author from Black Death Allstars personally maybe you could ask him!

We sell all kinds of other stuff in our Etsy store!


Mar 1, 2016
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Is this a zine about playing banjos? (clawhammer is a type of banjo playing if people don't know)


Mar 1, 2016
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Cool I've been trying to teach myself lately how to play clawhammer. Not going so well haha

dumpster harpy

Mar 10, 2016
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Hell, MA
I just made my first banjo out of a cookie tin and and pine plank. I've never heard of that zine before, but I read this http://www.instructables.com/id/Cookie-Tin-Banjo-Part-4-Bed-Post-Banjo/ and this http://www.dennishavlena.com/make-bjo.htm, and downloaded a copy of Foxfire Volume 3 http://www.survivorlibrary.com/library/foxfire-three.pdf. Mine is far less refined than these, the strings are fishing line and it has eye-screws instead of tuning pegs, but the thing plays notes. I'm sure that when I get real strings and pegs, it will sound and play like a real banjo.

I hope you find the zine, I'd sure like to check it out.image(2).jpeg

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