Thoughts, comments, gear advice or suggested routes hitching Albuquerque -> Durango -> Ft. Collins -> Lincoln, Neb. in May?

Crazy Hobo Johnny

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Jul 20, 2018
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Milwaukee Wisconsin
Greyhound is THE WORST. It'll suck the soul outta you. Even worse than Spirit Airline. I would avoid that long bus ride if ya can find a ride share for cheap.

550 is one of the most scenic roads in the country imo. Amazing. Silverton and Ouray are very cool. But I think 160 would be more fun, and it plenty scenic over wolf creek, etc. Cant lose either way, although 70 would be faster. Also, if your into, research some hot springs as there is some great ones on your route.

If you pass through Co Springs, gimmee a shout, i can give ya a bed for a night or two, get you good weed at a reasonable non-recreational price. I squat my trailer in a pretty idyllic spot.
I'll be in Colo. Springs this summer. Use to live there. I may contact you!
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Older Than Dirt

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Mar 5, 2019
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Brodiesel710: "One crime at a time" is always good advice.

Looks like i will fly home from Denver, and not get to Lincoln this trip. Doing almost all my hitching in a state where weed is legal feels like cheating to me.

I remembered what i used to do when i was a kid- hide the weed 5-10' away from me and my pack, like behind a guardrail or bush or whatever. Pick it up when i get a ride, or after the cops leave.

Thanks to everybody for all the great advice!

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