1. Durango, Colorado

    Durango, Colorado

    Was waiting out the government shut down so I could hitch to Mesa Verde and sat through a couple snow storms in Durango. When it wasn't storming, it was beautiful! Never did get to Mesa Verde...next time!
  2. Coywolf

    Firefighting in Colorado

    Hey all, been up here on a fire assignment as a Helicopter Crewmember for the last two weeks. Some cool stuff. Here's some pics of the 416 fire outside Durango, CO:
  3. Coywolf

    Random F-ing luck...I am now in Moab, UT

    So, by a complete stroke of Gypsy luck, my plans have completely changed, I went from wanted to hop out of Bend, OR to KF, to wanting to hitch the Hwy 395 to Reno, to hitching a ride with a guy, after waiting 4 hours on east Hwy 20, to Moab, UT. I am wanting to hear stories on how people have...