So tell me about new mexico (1 Viewer)


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Jan 8, 2018
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San Luis Obispo
I might have a line on a place to crash, kinda in the stix in a town called vallecitos. Anybody been there? What's good in nm more generally?
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Dec 12, 2014
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Northern Arizona
Generally, the scenery, the food, and the history. Other than that there are a shit load of sketchy places in NM. The hitching is hard, and the yards are even harder.

But I like the state. Never been to the place you mention. I cant stress the scenery and ability ot get away though


Apr 19, 2016
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New mexico
Its very beautiful in northern part. A well known place for travellers to settle, like buying a cheap piece of desert and living on it. Taos Mesa is kinda like a permanent slabs. I live in taos now, so if anything feel free to come say hello

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Mar 5, 2019
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Shit tons of mountain town sax.
Huh? Mountain town saxophone? Mountain town sex? Both sound potentially scary.

NM is pretty, and has many old hippies, Indians, and Mexicans, and excellent Mexican food.

i had very good luck hitching there in May, and a Navajo dude who picked me up literally forced me to take a $10 bill from him. If you have alcohol on the reservations, the tribal cops will confiscate.

As to what @Coywolf said, i think there are lots of sketchy ppl in most places there, mostly cholo gangster dudes, tweaker rednecks and cops, but i had no trouble avoiding all 3.

Actually hung with 3 cholo gangsters and their Caucasian disciple, all four fresh out of prison, on the bus into NM from Texas, and smoked weed with them (theirs and mine) at an endless bus layover.
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Sep 26, 2019
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Roswell nm
Lol yea. My auto correct has a mind of it's own. There is a lot of mountain saxophone around here. For sure. New mexico is rad. There is no one word definition. Like nebraska is just fields. New mexico is alot.


Nov 15, 2012
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Orlando's in Taos! 😍 One of my fave resteraunts ever. So good.
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