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new mexico

  1. Toekeyohdrift

    Whats the deal with Belen, NM?

    Just moved down to Las Cruces for a season of trailwork and trying to scope out what's reasonably rideable and to where. The Sunset Route seems like a no-go but the Santa Fe trans-con seems reasonable based on the current CC as well as info provided on here and elsewhere. Would love to make my...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Video A brief visit to the White Sands National Park in New Mexico!

    @Daisy and I make a very brief visit to the White Sands National Park in New Mexico. The wind was blowing super hard so the audio isn't going to be that great, but it was a fun little stop that I recommend checking out if you're in the area.
  3. NorthboundNoam

    Hey! I'm Noam

    im i traveler from israel. traveling the states with my car and looking for adventures and new friends. currently in new Mexico and trying to make my way to cali. i enjoy exploring weird places and things and try to stay off the usual route that people would take. i have been on the road...
  4. Timothy Englert

    Question New Mexico Roads suggestions

    I'll be biking to Albuquerque New Mexico next summer from Buffalo New York. What roads should I consider in New Mexico? What roads should I avoid in New Mexico?
  5. NewMexicoJim

    New Mexico On Lockdown

    New Mexico will go on lockdown starting Mon 11/16 and lasting a minimum of 2 weeks. Nonessential businesses will close. Essential businesses must limit customers. State parks will be closed. Lodging will be closed or limited. When people fail to follow the simple guidelines of...
  6. NewMexicoJim

    Following the ancients in SW New Mexico

    People have lived here for many thousands of years and some have left signs of their passing that have lasted through the ages. What were they trying to say? We can only guess. These were found while following the trail of the old Butterfield Stage Route in Grant and Luna Counties. Most of the...
  7. lemoncats

    New(ish) nomad ready to hit the road again soon!

    Hi. As it says on my profile, Ive been travelling with my partner for almost 8 years with our cats. We've kinda stayed to ourselves, living out of th car and crashing on some friend's couches. We've settled down from time to time but based on some personal situations, we have always stayed in...
  8. NewMexicoJim

    New Mexico Bliss in the Gila Wilderness

    I have just returned from two weeks in the wilderness to see the world on fire. Guess I'll be heading back soon as people all around are acting weird, angry and fearful. The Gila National Forest is immense. One hundred miles across from any direction, there is isolation in abundance. I left...
  9. NewMexicoJim

    Photos Seeking isolation in New Mexico

    Once the exclusive realm of the Apache, the San Mateo Mountains northwest of Truth or Consequences New Mexico rise in solitary splendor and are managed by the U.S. Forest Service as part of the greater Cibola National Forest. Vick's Peak rises to just over 10,000 ft at the south end of the 40...
  10. coltsfoot

    New Mexico Hot Springs Camping?

    Hey there, anyone recommend a hot spring where we can camp nearby in new mexico. preferably a spot that doesnt usually get too crowded/rowdy. thx! cf
  11. NewMexicoJim

    Nomad rubbertramp ready for the road

    Hello everyone. Having lived and worked from TX, AZ, OR, AK, NM I am now retired and ready to be a rubbertramp nomad. I'm looking for a traveling companion, company, riders, road dawgs to help and be helped. About me: 62yo gay male, skilled, experienced, wilderness camper, ready for the road...
  12. Maxnomad

    So tell me about new mexico

    I might have a line on a place to crash, kinda in the stix in a town called vallecitos. Anybody been there? What's good in nm more generally?
  13. D

    High Winds Cause Train Derailment In Northern New Mexico

  14. Coywolf

    Idea for next Southwest leg of Trip...

    Just wanted to pitch my idea for a "Tour de Southwest" for both my enjoyment, and my YouTube channel: Planning on heading south from Flagstaff, do some hiking hiking/camping In Sedona. Then head further south and go to Cottonwood, and perhaps the Verde Valley. From here it is difficult to...
  15. Coywolf

    News & Blogs Greyhound vs. SEMI truck leave 7 Dead in New Mexico

    I hope no one on here was on this Bus.... https://www.npr.org/2018/08/30/643531297/greyhound-bus-semi-truck-crash-head-on-in-new-mexico-at-least-4-killed Greyhound Bus, Semi-Truck Crash Head-On In New Mexico; At Least 7 Killed August 30, 201811:01 PM ET VANESSA ROMO Twitter First responders...
  16. Railroadways

    Photos New mexico hike and hot springs 2 mnths ago

  17. Dcook213

    One way trip

    Whats up yall my name ia david i am 18 years old and in alabama just moved back to be with my girlfrie d it did t work out. I have traveled with mikel knight and the mdrst so i love traveling im comfertable with it. I am just looking to get to new mexico from alabama north part. So if anyone is...
  18. SeanHarrahy

    Roswell New Mexico

    I'm going to be stuck in Roswell for a few days waiting for a group I'm meeting up with. Anyone know anything about things to do, places to sleep?
  19. T

    Socorro New Mexico

    I will be there in a few hours. Who has passed through there? What was your experience like? Do you have any interesting stories about this town? I heard that rockhounding is big in secorro county too. Any good finds around the area? Thanks in advance. Much love. -TJ 72
  20. Vanholio

    Photos luxurious Amador Hotel, Las Cruces, NM