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Countrytime Sky

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Feb 1, 2018
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Clutching Steel
Rainbow gathering is a gathering of the people a.k.a the rainbow family. There is much going on as in different camp's doing such thing's as eating, socializing, sharing stories, trading, which is another thing they do at a rainbow gathering, which is in trade circle, no money allowed except one time I seen at the Utah gathering someone had money on there trading blanket which is a no no only trading or bartering. There is a lot more info research it if you have the ways
Whats this rainbow gathering? I'll be in the area and might be interested


Feb 5, 2018
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Has a holding camp been set up for Acola yet? I was the dude with the Aussie btw if anyone seen me at Ocala.
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Hugh Manitee

Aug 26, 2018
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Erin, Colorado
I have never yet attended a Rainbow Gathering before, and will be in the Carolinas some time this fall. Any more specific info like dates so I can plan my trip? Also, I heard Rainbow Gs had no alcohol generally but that the GA one was something of a booze fest. Has tradition changed or was I misinformed? Thanks! Love herb but hordes of boozers and tweakers scare me.
May 30, 2018
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Why are all these gatherings In these places?

I really dislike the south, and would be incredibly timid trying to travel down that way with psychedelics. Even cannabis can get you into some serious trouble in those parts...

Oh well, Im just happy that these things still exist and that people are still actively seeking them out, even if I can't attend.

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