Kick it worldwide? Portugal, Europe, Africa, free-style, anywhere

Sep 13, 2018
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What’s up? I’ll be in Portugal from mid-October until at least mid-November. I’d like to get into some hitchhiking or some other adventure.. I can stay in the Schengen area until January 14.. So maybe head over to Cyprus (or some other non-schengen country).. or pop over to Morocco when my time is up (I’ve been there before and I know it’s pretty chill). I dislike cold weather, so I’ll want to head somewhere warmish.. but I’m very open to suggestions on where to go..
I’ve been traveling the world since 2012, but I’m finally ready to go hard and meet some like-minded footloose travelers. I’ve done a bit of hitching, but could use more XP. Would absolutely love to have an adventurous road dawg. Hit me up!
(I have known very few other hardcore travelers and have only had a road dawg for a short trip, so if someone with some XP wanted to kick it and go exploring the world for a bit, that would be righteous.)
And any tips on where to go in Portugal/ Europe would be appreciated.. I’m broke, so looking for work exchange, community living type stuff
Happy travels!

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Holy shit, sure as fuck after 6+ hours of straight bike polo.
I am now on the road!! I spent money on the luxury of a nice ticket to Old Town San Diego, from there I will visit my godmother in East County and then hitchhike up the coast to the East Bay to visit friends and family. It’ll be in time for my 19th birthday!
The feeling of finally doing this is fucking amazing!
The Grayhound Fast:
Weed butta between saltines, and two beers to slam in the bathroom. Hoorah
OK, so, my pack is a military duffle bag that is somewhat old, and I'm not sure it will hold up to traveling across the entire continent; so I'm open to suggestions on the best (?) replacement to buy....Thoughts?
just got over a crazy bad cold
Revisiting Jesup, Georgia after what I did there 5 years ago. God, I can't fucking wait!
Thinking of the True North, tonight; strong and free...
I started a thread for the 2019 jambo, i'd really like to get your input on it!

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