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colorado springs

  1. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Follow Up: RVs on the Move Around Colorado Springs

    Hi All... This is a follow up on the ordinance in Colorado Springs, CO on RV parking... https://www.krdo.com/news/rvs-stay-on-the-move-around-colorado-springs-despite-ordinance/1085393305
  2. EmmaAintDead

    Photos Ty Helie - San Diego, PHX, Colorado Springs

    This cat physically and sexually abuses people. Hangs with folk punk and crusty crowds. Last seen in Phoenix as of April 11, 2019 These are from a dear friend of mine. Not my own first hand account. Most recent available image of Ty attached. Travels with a black and white dog. Recently passed...
  3. atravelingtrashcan

    Just Landed in Colorado Springs, CO

    For the last year I’ve been making my way around the US in my beat up RV. I still have the ache to travel but have set up shop here in Colorado Springs for a bit. Anybody from here or traveling through? Looking for some cool shit to do or cool people to meet.
  4. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Colorado Springs, CO bans RVs Parking on Streets

    Seems like a lot of cities are getting on the ban RV parking on public streets. Colorado Springs City Council approves RV parking ban - https://www.krdo.com/news/top-stories/colorado-springs-city-council-approves-rv-parking-ban/1063280498
  5. P

    Colorado Springs dangers

    So we are in Colorado springs for summer relax. Spent a few nights camping in south end. B.S. every day , supposed landowner tells us cops on the way. We try to camp in big ass park . 2AM AND 5AM wakeups by cops wanting ID both times. Cant sleepo her for days. Moving on... ,
  6. pcflvly

    Colorado Springs to Tres Piedras

    I woke up far above Colorado Springs near Monument. I felt like I was in a new land and was welcomed to the region by magpies, a bird I hadn't seen anywhere north of there. The pass at the top of the South Platte River was indeed the entrance to the Southwest. It was a long ride downhill on...
  7. IzzyBizzy

    I'm new

    Im new, I got a serious hard on for train/freight hopping tho cuz of Kerouac and growing up with tracks behind my house, playing on stopped trains as a kid. I'm planning a trip to start in the next 3-9 months. Hoping to start out from a rail yard in Denver. I'm doing a lil online and phone...
  8. HanZi

    Flying in colorado springs

    Anyone have any experience with the city and flying around here, just want to get a few bucks before trying to catch out
  9. Gxkon

    Whats good from colorado springs

    Whats up everyone? My name is rick i seen this website on the news and figure id check it out this forum is pretty dope i didnt know something like this exsited.
  10. HanZi

    Catching out of colorado springs

    Catching out of Colorado springs tmrw, going north, any advice for this area?
  11. VikingAdventurer

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  12. VikingAdventurer

    Reported content: Post in thread 'Colorado Springs, CO'

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  13. Kaine

    In Colorado Springs, heading to west coast come Summer (+ the story so far)

    I'm Kaine, 23 M, from Indianapolis, IN. Last summer I decided fuck living in the city, can't deal with the noise, lack of space and privacy, and entitled people. For the past 3-4 years I've been working on and off at urban farms and living in a van. Then I got a vision that I'm not supposed to...
  14. Chris0527

    Leaving Colorado Springs

    What's up my name is Chris I'm from Colorado Springs area and I am leaving lol. Anyone in the area headed out?
  15. Kal

    Colorado Springs

    From Pueblo Co to Colorado Springs with no rides and today had to walk in the rain but I made it. Does any one know of a good place to squat?
  16. TheUndeadPhoenix

    Colorado Springs Squat

    Just a little warning. There MAY be homebums. But I found it and took 3 people there. Anyway, you get to the soup kitchen and go up passed Acacia park. When you get to ESM, go one more block, cross to the McDonalds and turn right. You should see a building in the middle of the block under...
  17. Matt Derrick

    Colorado Springs, CO

    I'm merging all discussions about Colorado Springs into this thread here, so people can ask questions or post info about it all in one place :)