Is white people stretching their ears cultural appropriation? (1 Viewer)


I'm a d-bag and got banned.
Jan 8, 2018
San Luis Obispo
Well this is a fine kettle of fish

Nature and culture are the same thing. Humans have developed both ethics and morals. Humans are animals, creatures of nature. Therefore, ethics and morals (different things btw, same tho) are, to some degree, immanent to nature. Signifier and signified can have multiple meanings, meaning can be obscured or lost, but they cant be "seperated". What dreads mean to a crust punk and a rasta and an uptight suburban lady all exist at the same time, equally valid. The crusty kid an the rasta makes their choices an they takes their chances, hopefully they figure it out. Fuck the suburban lady, kinda, unless she can chill out

For what its worth, a rasta dude once told me the term dreadlocks came from queen victoria, cause when she saw recently kidnapped africans coming off slave ships they looked horrible, and she dreaded seeing those locks. Thats a powerful thing, the very sign of the trauma inflicted on these africans by the british making the british monarch feel fear. White people wearing dreads normalizes it, makes it acceptable, at least within a part of white culture, but that doesnt mean white kids couldnt wear dreads, be decent, know what side theyre on and walk the walk, its just pretty fucking rare. I dont think goyim should probably get numbers tattooed on their forearm but that doesnt mean an understanding of the shoah couldnt be a powerful part of any persons reason for being, and maybe a tattoo would serve a purpose for them
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