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  • Hey, you should let me know how that ride went, especially if you caught out of Sac.
    Hey Man I gave the number a ring and midway through leaving a message it booted me off...any how if your still in Ottawa give me a ring on my cell any time...or if you pass back through here again give me a heads up and Ill be around.
    Shit man I just got back into the city today (the 7th) Ill still give you a ring this aft to see if your still in town. I work by Catherine at cell 613-2183057.
    Hey! Are you in/from south america-ish? I read your story (a letter to someone?) and I reaally liked it! I'm from Costa Rica, :)
    i heard you dropped my advice like a rotten tlayuda and went to miracle mile against my judgement, and was rewarded kindly for it. i'm back on the road with my car, will see you in the bay, tal vez? a la verga, amigo
    Haha yeah Ive hopped when I was younger for shits and giggles without a scanner, but now I have time restraints. Definitely helps me IDing trains, plus listening for a defect detector. I dunno, their worth their weight if your riding GMs.

    Well if you ever find yourself around my neck of the woods, I can kick you down a cheapy scanner if you feel like givin em a try.
    That's fantastic, what sort of music do you usually play?
    I must confess, that I am pretty envious of your friend; I hope one day I will be able to study music/language/culture in eastern Europe, as well. Percussion is definitely a different ball game, especially with Romanian music. They have the most daunting time signatures and changes. This kid I met is a mastermind with it on accordion/clarinet/piano, you should check out his band, The Petrojvic Blasting Company. They play everything in between Dixieland jazz and Balkan traditionals. Really great guys.
    Hey, thanks for reminding me about them! I used to listen to them quite a bit in the past and then sort of forgot about them. Are you into Yiddish/Balkan traditional music, as well?
    Terribly sad about Kinga. I never met her, but feel a connection even with her pictures. I just couldn't stop crying, reading about her death. Just her family's and friends' reactions... Made me think of my own family. Thank you for sending that to me though. It's stories like this that make me feel incredibly lucky to be alive.
    Oh, dear?, for your information the Supreme Court has roundly rejected prior restraint! (what I really wanted to say in response to your comment on the abortion thread)
    Sure is, he and I are tight.
    Heh, thanks. I found those teeth in an abandoned dentist's office in a ghost town. They were plaster casts of the teeth of a former resident named Irwin!
    I love The Pillow Book! I'd never thought about it in relation to my avatar, but I see it now.
    enjoyed?...i am glad thank you for giving it the time and taking the time bless you lord of the mews
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